How To Rent Video Games Online

The first decade of the 21st Century has seen several advancements in the video game industry. One of the most recent, and more popular, has been the online video game rental industry. Online renting was started by Netflix, offering an online DVD rental service that allows consumers to rent anywhere from one movie to five movies a month for a low fee. Included in the subscription was free shipping and no due dates or late fees. In the past few years, companies have been springing up that provide online video game rentals as well. The only things a consumer needs to rent video games online are an internet connection and a major credit card.

Game Fly is perhaps the most popular company providing online video game rentals. Consumers can choose to have either one or two games at home at a time. Game Fly’s simplest plan provides one game at home at a time for $8.95/first month and $15.95/month after that. The next plan allows renters to keep two games at home at a time for $12.95/first month and $22.95/month after that. Consumers need only go to and click on sign up. Renters will have to provide a valid email address and create a password that will be used to log onto the Game Fly website. After that renters need to provide a mailing address and major credit card for billing. After that users can log on, pick out the games they would like to rent on the appropriate gaming console, and wait for their games to arrive in the mail.

Game Fly may have been the first major online video game renter, but they are not the only providers of this service. Game Mine is one of the newer online video game rental services and has two different rental plans for consumers. Game Mine offers monthly subscription services allowing gamers to keep one, two, or three games at home at a time for$14.95, $20.95, or $28.95 a month. All of these plans provide the second month for free, so the first year of service would cost between $164.45 and $318.45. Game Mine also offers pre-paid six month and 12 month plans as well. For avid video game renters who go through a lot of video games, the pre paid plans are a good way to save money. A one year pre paid plan with Game Mine, providing one game out at a time, is $143.40. That’s a savings of $21.05 over Game Mine’s one at a time monthly subscription and $41.33 less than Game Fly’s one at a time monthly subscription service.

Game Fly and Game Mine are not the only providers of online video game rentals. Other smaller companies like GottaPlay as well as in-store companies like Blockbuster are getting into the online video game rental industry. All of these companies require a major credit card, and most require someone over age 18 be the account holder. That being said, all these websites allow the account to be set up for someone else, so parents can set up accounts for their children. Renting video games online is easy, shipping is free, no late fees are charged, and for serious video gamers it is a great way to save money over constantly buying new games at retail prices.


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