How To Repair a Case Handle

A broken case handle needs to be given attention immediately. It is difficult to lug around a bag or briefcase with a handle that is not working properly. Sidelining the bag until it is fixed, in most cases, is also not an option. Nobody wants to own a useless carry all. A professional will do a great job of repairing the broken case handle. But in the absence of their service, you can actually take charge and do some temporary fixes yourself. These simple guidelines should help you repair a broken case handle. This may even be a permanent fix, especially if you have the hands and the skills of a pro.

  1. First off all, check the broken handle of the bag, briefcase or laptop. Examine how it used to be attached. Was it sewn in place? Were screws used for it? Is it just the handle or is the ring holder also damaged? If so, you must also have to repair or replace these, along with the handle.
  2. Get the diameters of the handle and its ring by measuring accurately. You will need the specifics for this so that it is easier for you to find a replacement handle that carries the right size.
  3. Once you have examined how extensive the damage is, you will need to buy a replacement handle, including the rings that go with it. Check hardware, home ware and specialty stores for this. You must find one that is the same size and length as your broken case handle. If you want to get a new design, there are plenty that are available. Handles come in leather, vinyl, plastic, canvas, metal or other material.  Make sure to get one that still fits the bag or briefcase.
  4. Installing the replacement case handle is not a tricky thing to do.  If the handle comes with a clasp then it would be easier to put this in the bag, as you just need to clasp this over the existing rings. If the ring itself has been damaged though, you must remove the old ones first before you place the new ones.
  5. If you must replace the handle's rings, you also need to have pliers ready. This is also available at hardware stores.
  6. To open it up, clamp the pliers into the ring and then twist it to open. Once this is done, you can slide off the ring.
  7. Put in the new ring by twisting it open. Make sure that you do not overspread this as you will warp the metal and render it useless.
  8. When it is opened, you can easily slide the ring in place, along with the new case handle. Use your pliers once again to twist this close.
  9. Tighten any connection or screws afterwards. Pick up the bag with the new handle, to make sure that the ones you installed have a steady structure or that it was properly aligned.

This guide may be applicable for any types of broken case handle such as a laptop handle, a luggage handle or a pocket handle.


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