How To Repair a Snag in a Sweater

Sweaters keep you cozy and warm in the winter and other seasons too! Most people ensure they take good care of their woolens to avoid any damages. Imagine you put away your prized sweaters in your closet and then different bugs feast on them at their leisure! Or, you could snag your sweater on a rusty nail or other such pointed object and get a gaping and unattractive hole for your efforts! There's no need to get frazzled, since help is at hand! Read on to find out how you can repair a snag in any sweater...

Using a crochet hook

  • Put the small sized crochet hook (about a size 5) from inside the sweater through to the front with the snag facing you.
  • With the help of the hook, pull the yarn that is loose inside.
  • Now turn the sweater inside out and using the crochet hook, loop out the loose yarn and pull the loose end inside. This will help make a knot inside the sweater.
  • Use a liquid ravel preventer (Fray Check, for example) to dab the loose end of the yarn. 
  • This is readily available and can be bought at any fabric or hobby store close to you.
  • Clear nail polish can also be used (a small dab of it) as an alternative.
  • Once dry, flip the sweater back onto the right-side out and check for any bunching that might have happened because of the snag.
  • Gently stretch the area to loosen it.  


  • A pen cap or a needle can also be used instead of the crochet hook to pull out the loose yarn.
  • Ensure you do not damage the sweater further while repairing the existing snag in your sweater.
  • Do not pull at the snag as this can only make matters worse.
  • Also do not cut the snag as this will only end up loosening the rest of the sweater!
  • Avoid wearing or being anywhere close to jewelry or handbags as these are the main causes for snagging!
  • While you repair a snag in your sweater, ensure you have good lighting to be able to see your mending efforts clearly. 

With these simple steps, you can repair any number or kinds of snags besetting your sweaters and other woolens. No need to throw them away or spend money getting it mended professionally!


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