How To Request Songs on Your Local Radio Station

Music they say gives serenity and warmth to the heart. If gives you that relaxing feeling after a long and tiring day. It calms an angry heart. There is no one in this world who does not relate to music.

Nowadays, it's no longer difficult to listen to your favorite song. It is made available to you in so many ways. There's the CD, tapes, AM/FM radio, mp3 players and the Internet. You can now listen to all kinds of songs, rock, OPM, love songs, or Christian songs. All these are available free online through Internet radio like Pandora Radio. You get free music by just signing in and logging in the songs you want to hear.

If you have an Internet connection, then you can have your favorite songs playing through Pandora radio. Here's how:

  1. Register by setting up an account with Pandora for free.
  2. Once the Pandora radio screen appears, on the left sidebar, click the button "Create A New Station" and enter the song or artist into the search field.
  3. Pandora will then create a "station" for you based on the style of the song or artist you entered.
  4. Then you have the fun of listening to your favorite songs anytime you may feel like listening.

You can even request your favorite songs on your local radio station. They do this to keep the people listening to them happy and tuned in on a particular station. Requesting a song on your local radio station is easy to do. Here are the basic steps in doing it:

  1. The phone number of the radio station should be available. Most often a DJ from the radio station lets you know the number for the request line. You can also go to the station's website to get it.
  2. Give the DJ the title and artist of the song you want. If you have dedications, give your message as well. After getting the details of the song, the DJ will disconnect immediately to take the next call.
  3. You can also make your request by sending an email request. Get the email address from the station's website. This is done if the station's phone line is too busy.
  4. Give the station some time to receive and read your email request. Your song request will be attended to as soon as your email request is read and the song is available.

Now that you know how to make a song request, you can have the time of your life just sitting on your favorite couch or bed listening to your favorite songs. It's so nice to do just that once in a while, especially if you have been stressed out by work, problems and what have you. Just try to listen to your songs and let them relax your nerves and just enjoy the moment. You could even recall the past with songs that bring back good memories and put a nice smile on your face.


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