How To Rescue Your Inner Artist

5 Steps To Rediscovering The Creativity You Thought You’d Lost Forever

Do you find you often talk about your creativity and artistic ventures only in the past tense? Do you look back wistfully and say, “When I used to paint...,” “When I was a writer...” or “When I used to be creative” like you’re looking back at some previous, almost-forgotten lifetime?

Despite what you may believe, your inner artist isn’t dead. Having a snooze maybe, but as long as you’re breathing and your mind is functioning, you’re an artist.

So here are 5 powerful steps to rescuing your inner artist and seeing your creativity thrive once more:

  1. Fall in love with creating again. Often, creating has become such a struggle that you only have negative associations with it. Spend some time getting back in touch with why you loved creating in the first place. What feelings does it give you? How does it change the way you experience life? Keep these strong positive feelings close by writing them on a poster and pinning it up on your wall.
  2. From small beginnings. Be gentle with yourself, and begin rediscovering your creativity with small, manageable projects. For example, go out somewhere beautiful in nature with just a camera, or write a one-page story about your favorite time of year, or create an Artist Trading Card or other small collage. Build up to larger projects as your creative confidence grows.
  3. Create to enjoy, not to produce. It’s easy to focus only on creating an “end product” and forget what an enjoyable process creating is. Spend time creating just for the joy of creating, and have no expectation that a piece of art will come at the end of it. Just try whatever you want, as if you were a 7-year-old just given a new bumper box of paints. Be experimental and playful, and have fun.
  4. Create every day. The only way to consistently create and make creating as essential a part of your life as eating, sleeping and breathing, is to create every day. Choose a time of the day when you feel most comfortable creating, and spend a minimum of 15 minutes a day at this time on creative work. In a matter of weeks, this creative habit will have a profound effect on how much you create – and how easily you create.
  5. Get support. You would be amazed at how many other people in the world feel as detached from their creativity as you do, and feel equally isolated and alone in their struggles. These days, the number of supportive creative groups and communities is vast, and easily accessible. Spend an hour or two browsing online at some creative communities, and see which feel right for you. Then take the plunge and get involved!

These 5 steps will help you rescue the artist in you that thought was gone for good. Which step will you put into practice today?

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