How To Restore an Old Book

Bookish people enjoy restoring old books. The satisfaction they get from restoring books is undeniable. If you happen to enjoy reading a book, you might want to try restoring it for resale. The value of an old book will go higher if it is properly restored to its original condition. The following steps will teach you how to restore an old book.

Get all the materials needed to restore a book. For restoring an old book, you will need the following materials: gas duster, very soft brush, cotton gloves, gum art or pencil eraser, snap and seal storage bags and a surface or glass cleaner.

Prepare the area where you will work. The process of restoring an old book is very delicate. Make sure that you will work in an area where limited sunlight is available, as this causes the book to turn brown. Also, ensure that the desks where you will put the books are clean, free from dust and cleaning solutions.

Before you start the process of restoring the book, make sure you clean your hands first. Old books are valuable materials. You don't want to destroy their value because of your dirty hands.

Remove dusts from the book. Make sure you are using cotton gloves as you work. This will help protect the book from possible oil transfer from your fingertips. Using a very soft brush, try to remove the dusts from the books. Be careful when you do this, as the pages of an old book are very fragile. Sometimes, it is important to repair any damaged pages of the book. You can find many products for repairing books in stores.

Clean the pages using pencil erasers or gum art. Get your pencil erasers or gum art. This will help clean the pages of the books. To remove ink from the book, you can use sandpaper of very fine grit. Just be very wary when you do this. Make sure you use sandpaper of the finest grit that you can find.

Put the books in a snap-and-seal storage bags. To ensure that the books are properly sealed and protected, you can place the books in a snap-and-seal plastic storage bags. This will help protect the books from being damaged from UV rays. You can also use Photo Activity Test archive boxes to better protect the books.

Use individual expansion file folders to protect old books. Very loose rubber bands can be used to fastened the covers of the book altogether. But only use this if necessary. Make sure you also use low light. Natural light is ideal for examining the book. And make sure you keep the books away from sunlight. This is the primary cause of aging for books.

These are the steps on how to restore an old book. Remember that when you restore old books, it is very important to be very careful and handle the book with extensive care. The pages of an old book are very fragile. If you are clumsy, you might end up destroying the pages of the book.


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