How To Reupholster a Chair Seat

The upholstered seat of your dining room chairs is the part most likely to wear and show its age. If you want to spruce up some worn seats or just want to redecorate your dining room, consider reupholstering the chair seats. Follow these steps to reupholster the chair seat.

  1. Gather the materials. For this project you will need foam padding, fabric for the covers, staple gun, pliers and any finishing trim. The amount of fabric needed depends upon how many chairs will need to be reupholstered.
  2. Remove the chair seat. Take the seat away from the frame. The chair style will indicate how the seat can be removed. You may have to turn the chair over to loosen the seat from the bottom before it can be pried away from the frame.
  3. Remove the old seat cover. You should notice the original seat fabric is stapled to the bottom of the seat. Use the pliers to remove the staples and the old fabric. You might also notice that the foam padding of the seat has been flattened or is in need of refreshing. If so, remove the foam as well as the fabric.
  4. Cut the foam and fabric. Use the old foam as a template to cut the replacement foam to the correct thickness and size. Use the seat as a template for the fabric. The seat fabric should be cut so that there is an overlap of two inches on each side.
  5. Place the foam and fabric. Secure the foam onto the top of the seat. Place the fabric on a flat surface so that the unfinished side is facing upward. Arrange the chair seat on top of the fabric so that it is centered. Fold one side of the fabric up and over the seat so that it overlaps onto the bottom of the seat.
  6. Staple the fabric. Staple the fabric on one side of the chair seat. Once the side is secure stretch the fabric so that it is taut and reaches over the other side of the seat. Wrap it over onto the bottom of the seat and secure with staples. Repeat the process with the front and back of the seat fabric.
  7. Replace the chair seat. Now that the upholstery has been replaced, the seat should be put back into the seat frame. The seat should fit snuggly into the frame.
  8. Add any finishing trim (optional). Some chairs are upholstered with a trim of hand secured tacks or other embellishments. Add these embellishments if you desire as the final step of the reupholstery process.

Whether you need to replace worn fabric or are just in the mood for a new fabric you can reupholster the chair seats of your dining room set. With these steps and a little hard work your room will look like new.


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