How To Reuse Altoids Tins

Turn Your Tins into Treasures!

We love those "curiously strong" mints. If you're like me, you love the tins just as much! My daughter and I are a pretty crafty family and have recycled our Altoids tins in some clever ways.

  1. Time for some BLING! First, paint your tin with your favorite color. Use a protective enamel. It will stick to the metal surface really well and will not flake off. Next, get a package of those little stick-on jewels and decorate to your heart's content! Be creative! Use different colored jewels to spell out your name on the top of the Altoids tin.
  2. Break out the sharpies. This is fun if you have a set of sharpies just waiting for a surface to decorate. Paint your Altoids tin a nice satin white. After drying, get your sharpies and let the creativity flow!
  3. The Altoids Mini Treasure Chest. First, you'll need a few supplies: Some satin or velvet material, some stick-on jewels, 4 BB's, gold colored paint. First, glue the 4 BB's to the bottom of the tin - one in each corner. I use super-glue. Use a pair of needle-nose pliars so you don't glue your fingers to the tin or the BB. These are the "feet" of the chest. WHen the feet are securely glued in place, paint the entire surface of the tin, including the feet, with the gold paint. Next, decorate the tin - make it look fancy. Line the inside of the tin with the satin or velvet material. I use regular school glue for bonding the material to the inside of the tin. Trim the excess material so it isn't sticking out over the rim of the tin. Voila - you have a mini treasure chest!
  4. Handyman's helper. No need for decorating here. Use your Altoids tins to organize the various small parts lying around your work bench. Small things such as electronic parts, tacks, or wing-nuts are just the right size to organize using the tins.
  5. School stuff. Use the tins to keep the kids' bookbag organized. The Altoids tins are just the right size to keep pencil erasers in, as well as paper clips or, in some cases, flash cards.

There are so many uses for Altoids tins, I could write all day. Using them for arts and crafts is an excellent way to spend quality time with your little ones.


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