How To Run PS2 Games on a PC

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Hi dudes. I'm here to guide you on how to run PS2 games on PC. It can be a little complicated but I'll explain the best way.

  1. Transforming PS2 CD/DVD into an ISO file. Download this program. It's a program that converts the CD/DVD into the ISO file that you want. It's very simple to use: Put your CD/DVD into your PC drive, then run the program, choose the driver location of the CD/DVD and click "Create ISO."
  2. Downloading essential files. Download and install the emulator (PCSX2), then search in the web (I recommend Google) for PS2 BIOS File and download it. If you have found and downloaded the file, put it in "<PCSX2 Folder>/bios/<>".
  3. Running the emulator. Run PCSX2 in normal mode. If this doesn't work, then run the TLB (Non VM) version, click in the File menu and then Run CD/DVD. Choose the ISO file that we've created in the first step, then enjoy!


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