How To Sculpt

Learn How to Make Sculpted Figurines

This method of sculpting can be done with clay or modeling wax. Modeling wax is recommended for the beginner, as it can be worked and reworked easily.

  1. Construct a base of wood or several layers of cardboard. This will be used as the permanent base the sculpture will stand on and will allow you to move the sculpture easily during the process.
  2. Find a picture of something that is similar to what you want to make. This will give you a constant visual reference of scale and size, even if it is not exactly what you plan to make.
  3. Use thin bendable but sturdy wire to create a form. First, staple the end of the wire to the base and then bend a length of wire into the basic shape you want, adding wire on to make arms or other such add-ons that will project from the main body. For the main part, it may be necessary to wrap additional wire around the main wire to add strength, creating a spiraling around the main straight wire.
  4. Begin to add clay or wax to the wire. Add bunches of clay or wax around the parts of the wire until the basic shape is visible and the sculpture begins to become 3-D. Once the bulk is there, add small amounts in detail, smoothing or adding texture where needed.
  5. Add finer details last. Any facial features or small details should be added last. If using clay, a clay-water mix should be used to attach large pieces to the main body. (This clay-water mix is called slurry, and it acts as glue.)
  6. Let it dry. If you are using clay, your sculpture will need to be dried for at least three days before going into a kiln.


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Thnks for the helped.... As an artist I love to work on creative projects..this seems to be one of the kind....keep up the good work...regards

By Waheedullah Aleko