How To Secure a Duvet Cover

Duvets have been popularly used in place of quilts and blankets. They are down-filled bags which have also been used as comforters. Since duvets are heavy and difficult to wash, they are being protected with duvet covers.

The duvet cover acts as a mattress pad that protects the duvet from dust and stains. However, constant movement can also twist the duvets inside. Because of this, it is essential to learn how to secure a duvet cover so as to keep the duvet inside always in good shape.

Here are some of the simple tips that you can follow in order to secure your duvet cover and the duvet inside:

  1. Wash the duvet cover and let dry under the sun. You can place it in the dryer but it is still important to dry it under the sun to totally kill the bacteria. Make this as a monthly routine or once in two weeks depending on how easily your cover gets filthy.
  2. Take the freshly washed and dried duvet cover and hold it on its corners. Briskly shake the duvet to keep it away from wrinkling. Turn the cover inside out through the seams of the cover. You know you got this right if the hidden seams are now showing.
  3. Lay out the duvet cover on a flat and clean floor. Let the cover touch the duvet’s foot. This can be done by facing the open part away from duvet.
  4. Grasp the seam of duvet cover and find the edges of the duvet. Align the corners of the duvet cover to the corners of the seams. Work on one edge first then the other.
  5. Pull duvet towards you while lifting it up such that the duvet falls down the duvet cover. This can be comfortably done in kneeling or standing position while your foot is on the opening of duvet cover at the bottom. If this is difficult for you, you may need the help of someone who can help tug the duvet cover while you lift the duvet.
  6. Continue pulling until you have encased the duvet by the duvet cover. Since the duvet is heavy, it will be helpful if you lay down the whole thing flat on the floor. When lifting the duvet, do this with one section at a time.
  7. Shut close the duvet cover through its button or zipper. Start with one end while slowly crossing to the other end. Make sure that you do not skip any of the buttons.

This is the proper way of securing the duvet cover. The duvet, as you know, takes an investment. So if you invest on a good quality of duvet, you might as well need to invest on good quality duvet cover.

Securing the duvet cover does not only guarantee you comfort. It is also the basic step in protecting the duvet. The duvet cover also shares in the overall look of the bedroom. And for this reason, you should also choose the kind of material, color, and design that the duvet cover must have. Make it match or compliment with the bedroom theme and color.

The duvet cover keeps the duvet in shape and always functioning and looking new.


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