How To See a Broadway Play

Seeing a Broadway play is a fun and exhilarating hobby for many people.  While it was once thought that Broadway plays were just for music and art lovers, the addition of modern-day and well choreographed productions have kept people of all backgrounds coming back for more.

Seeing a Broadway play is not only fun, but it is also something that is easy to do, especially if you live in or near a large city.  First, decide which Broadway play you want to see.  There are dozens of well-publicized plays that come to Broadway at select dates.  Check the plays' websites for the dates they will be attending your city, and choose whether you'll buy your tickets in advance or wait until the date nears.

If you are open to seeing any Broadway production, then just check out what your local amphitheater or venue is offering.  Broadway plays are always in production, making it easy to choose from a large selection at all times. When you have decided which play to see, you will need to purchase your tickets.  The easiest way to purchase tickets to see a Broadway play is to simply go to the production's website.

If you would like to see a Broadway play at a discount, more research is required.  Browse online ticket prices that are discounted or wholesale.  Keep your availability, as well as your seating preferences, open. This will maximize your chances to see a Broadway play at a lower cost.

When purchasing tickets, pay attention to where your seats will be located, as you want to have a good view of the play.  Online sites have a seating chart available for viewing; these are usually labeled and broken down into colors for easy visualization.  This will not only help you select tickets, but will also allow you a visual map of where to sit when arriving at the venue.

Also plan for transportation to and from seeing the play.  Because you will most likely see a Broadway play in a large city, parking and unexpected traffic can stand in your way of arriving at the play in time.

Seeing a Broadway play means that you will be going to a large venue or amphitheater.  Be aware of the dress code, as many people dress in a formal style when they see a Broadway play.  Some productions are interactive as well, which means you will be up and moving throughout the production.  Plan ahead for young children as well, as many plays are not intended for children under the age of ten.


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