How To Select a Routine for a Music Competition

Talent shows are big hits today. From American Idol, to Britain's Got Talent and the other music competitions televised in almost every other country worldwide, a previously unknown personality can suddenly find herself glimmering in the limelight once she is declared as the music winner. If you dream of being the next Kelly Clarkson or Susan Boyle and you are serious in pursuing a singing career, joining a music contest is a great way to try your luck. Once you are into the competition, the next thing that you should focus on is the routine you are going to perform. The routine is very crucial in every competition since it comprises a large chunk of the contestant's scores. Therefore, the selection of the routine is likewise significant in determining your chances once you join a contest.

Here are tips for how to pick that routine which might eventually lead you to super stardom.

  1. Know your skills. Most likely, you will perform a routine better if you are skilled at it. In playing basketball, if you know you can shoot from the perimeter better than beyond the arc, you should shoot more frequently from there. If you do this, you will more likely score more goals for your team. In the same way, a routine for a competition will give you more confidence to perform it. Once you achieve this, your routine will be more laudable and your chances of winning will increase.
  2. Know what you want to do. Among the activities where you are skilled at, there will be fewer chosen skills which you enjoy doing better than the other ones. These are the activities that you must select. Once you perform the routine that you like to perform on top of the stage, you will be more comfortable and less spooky come the actual performance. When your comfort increases and your nervousness decreases, your performance will be smoother and nicer.
  3. Consult other people you know. Be open to the suggestions and opinions of others. They know some things about you that you may not be fully aware of and these can prove to be helpful. You may hear absurd-sounding ideas like a Michael Jackson dance or a Celine Dion high note but once you ruminate on them, you might eventually recognize their merits. And who knows, those sort of bizarre ideas might give you the X-factor judges usually look for in the contestants.
  4. Know the nature of the contest. If you are joining a song competition, there might be a greater emphasis on the manner of performing the routine than the routine itself. If it is a vocal competition, you might put more attention to the quality of your voice. These are some of the details you must painstakingly consider in selecting a routine to perform in a young competition. If you know the nature of the competition where you will perform, you will also have an idea of the judges' expectations. Once you have this idea, you can make your routine square with the judges' expectations.

Joining music competitions can be both devastating and fulfilling. It is up to you to determine what your fate will be. One thing is for sure, the routine you will perform will have a great impact on that fate. So by following the tips given above, your routine selection will be easier. Finally, what is left to be done is for you to perform it with flying colors and await for your name to be called in the grand finale.


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