How To Select from Popular Compost Tumbler Models

Garbage management should be a major concern in every household. With the amount of wastes being dumped everyday by people all over the globe, one can only imagine the impact of accumulated trash to the environment if proper disposal is not followed.

Composting is one of the best ways by which to dispose of kitchen and other biodegradable wastes. Through composting, you are able to get rid of your decomposable trash and at the same time make it usable and productive. The use of a compost tumbler is a well-known means of composting organic materials. In choosing the appropriate compost tumbler, take note of these popular compost tumbler models:

  1. Worm Bin. You can actually create your own worm bin by using a durable storage box with cover. But to save you the hassle of drilling the holes and making space adjustments for the worms, it is more advisable to buy ready to use worm bins, because they go along with a complete kit needed in worm composting.  Worm bins are also ideal to use for households with a small quantity of kitchen waste. Also, kitchen compost can be yielded more quickly with red worms.
  2. Compost Drums/Tumblers. With bigger stacks of decomposable wastes, you will need bigger containers. Wastes from your garden (twigs, leaves, grass, roots and rotten fruits) can be huge, especially when you are doing your regular pruning and mowing. Since drums are more spacious, you can mix, turn and aerate the wastes by batches with less effort.
  3. Porch Type. This compost tumbler model accommodates 150 liters of wastes and is recommended for kitchen waste and compact sized garden waste. What makes this tumbler model easy to handle is its manageable size that enables you to lug it around your yard.
  4. Compact Type. Bigger in size than the back porch compost tumbler, this model can carry 340 liters of waste. Its design is simple and functional with a handle that you can rotate for constant turning of the stored waste.
  5. Twin Model Composter. If you have a large garden, you should pick a Mantis twin composter. It can contain 20 bushels of waste, and you can compress as much garden waste as you want without worrying about the space.
  6. Drain Type Drum Composter. This type of compost tumbler can hold as much as 170L of waste. It comes with a drain mounted on the base for collecting liquids that can be later utilized as fertilizer.
  7. Bullet-Shaped Tumbler Composter. This is an upright type of tumbler model in the shape of a bullet. It can be mounted on a small corner and is best for undersized yards. It has room for 53 lbs of waste.
  8. Round, Space Saving Compost Tumbler. Round in shape, it has its own stand and can take in as much as 90 gallons of load.
  9. Creatively Designed Circuit-Based Compost Tumbler. Though petite in size, this tumbler has a 52-gallon capacity. It is creatively designed to look like an ornamental container, making it a popular choice for people who give much value to aesthetics.

More compost tumbler models are coming out in the market to cater to the personal preferences of consumers. In case you decide to create your own compost container so you can utilize it for other purposes such as cultivating mushroom compost, try reading reviews on different models of compost tumblers to give you an idea on your desired plans.


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