How To Select Spawn Action Figures

Action figures are great gifts, not just for kids and teenagers but for big boys as well. One of the most popular action figures are from the comic book series created by Todd McFarlane, called Spawn. Spawn action figures are well-known for its great attention to detail, and there are also many varieties to choose from. Here are just some helpful tips for selecting Spawn action figures:

Know what Spawn is. Spawn is considered to be one of the darker comic book series, with the main character being a man who died and was sent to hell, and was assigned to become a general in hell’s army. So if you are considering giving a Spawn action figure to a five-year-old nephew as a gift – don’t.

Know the different varieties available. There are so many different types and styles of Spawn figures available. Age of Pharaohs Spawn action figures portray the main characters as ancient gods; Spawn Series 32 collection boasts of anime-style, eye-popping color on its figures; the Spawn Alternate Realities collection showcases Spawn in “What could have been” scenarios; and the Spawn 3-inch Trading Figure Series 2 is a collection of ultra-small figures in great detail.

The types and styles of Spawn characters available are categorized according to the series number that they appeared in, though there are also special collector’s editions such as the collection that commemorates Spawn’s 10th Anniversary. You may want to find out first the Spawn comic series that the gift recipient loves.

Choose the character that you want to purchase. There are many characters in the Spawn world, the most popular of which includes Spawn himself, Malebolgia, the Clown, and Angela, among others. You may want to purchase the same characters but with different interpretations and styles.

Hunt for products that will increase in value in the future. Look for figures in good condition that have Todd McFarlane’s signature, as this will likely fetch a higher value in the future. You would also do well by choosing some less popular characters that have limited release, and to buy items that were specially created to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the Spawn comics.

Join the Spawn Collector’s Club. To help you find the best deals and to help you find out more about the different Spawn collectibles, you might want to join a club of like-minded individuals. Get the latest Spawn action figure releases and at special rates. Check out the website at

Buy the comic book series along with the action figure. As mentioned, the Spawn action figures are created according to the comic book series. You may want to accompany the figure with its corresponding series, to put the figure into context.

There you have it! These are just some of the ways that you could select Spawn action figures. The best places to buy these action figures online are at,, and You could also try your luck at specialty stores and comic book stores; just make sure that the item you buy is in pristine condition, and that it is stored in its original box. Good luck, and hope this helped you out!


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