How To Select Woodcarving Tools

Woodcarving may be defined as an art of creating and decorating wood by carving with a sharp hand-held tool. There have been wood carvers since the time when humans have been using tools. These tools produce bowls and cups with detailed works of pure art. They are responsible for making wood carving interesting and highly appealing to practitioners in every culture all over the world. If you are interested in carving wood, you must learn how to select tools used for woodcarving.

  1. This means you have to get familiar with the different tools before you start buying tools you may never use. A basic tool set usually includes a carving knife, gouge, chisel, V-tool, veiner and sharpening equipment. A carving knife is used to cut, pare and smoothen the wood. A gouge is a curved cutting edge for carving rounds, sweeping curves and hollows. The chisel is used for cleaning flat surfaces and lines. The V-tool is for putting emphasis in lines. And the veiner is a deep gouge with a cutting edge shaped into a U. And sharpening equipment is important in the maintenance of edges. Also a mallet, along with a special screw will complete a carver’s kit.
  2. It has always been a dilemma for beginners in woodcarving to produce their own woodcarving tools. Thus, it is suggested that these novice woodcarvers begin with amateur tools, which have shorter length shanks, as compared to the tools that are used by advanced wood carvers, making them easier to handle. Professional tools with longer shanks gives more work to be done at once. However, both professional length and amateur length tools give the same size and sweeps. Tools are variously polished and sharpened. Oftentimes, the shanks and blades of the tools are clean and smooth. Tool handles are mostly made of wood but markets today offer different styles. They may be round, octagonal, squared with angled-edges, handles with single or double hoops, plastic handles, leather capped handles or rubberized handles.
  3. But, whatever style appeals to you, keep in mind that tools must be very sharp in order to deliver their function. However, you must always remember that it is impossible to have a complete set of wood carving tools. These tools depend on what kind of project you want to achieve. There are tools used for carving a flower that may not be appropriate if you want to carve a goddess.
  4. You will also have to keep on updating and adding your collection of tools, so that you are provided with new techniques in carving. The tools discussed above are the most commonly used and seen in a basic tool set for woodcarving.
  5. You need to keep using your tools, because, as you keep using them, you will be able to meet you carving needs. It does make sense to always keep the bits honed and in good condition in order to protect your investments in these tools.
  6. You can keep your tools in great condition by storing your bits in a holder so as to keep them from hitting each other, not applying too much pressure while using it, cleaning it with a brass brush and remove sawdust after using.

These are just a few of the tips intended for good maintenance of your tools. Remember that good maintenance prolongs the life of the tools that you have.


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