How To Sell Coins

Collecting coins is one of the oldest hobbies around.  As long as there have been coins, produced there have been those who would rather collect them than use them.  These days, however, there are more ways to sell your coins than ever before.  Thus, collecting coins can become a profitable hobby if you sell them properly.

The first thing you should do when selling coins is to find out how much the coins you have are worth.  You don’t want to go into a coin shop or put an ad up somewhere selling your coins until you have an idea of how much your coins are worth.  There are several online resources you can use by simply typing “Selling Coins” into a search engine.  There are also books such as the “U.S. Coin Digest” which comes out every year and provides a list of coins, descriptions and grading information to help you determine the worth.

You will then need to determine the condition of the coins you wish to sell.  You can see by the wear on the coins you have as to what condition they are in.  Needless to say, the coins that are in the best condition are the ones that will be worth more money.

There are several ways you can sell your coins.  You can visit a coin shop by looking in a phone directory or online.  Bring the coins you want to sell to the store and have the employees there look at them and make you an offer.  It may be lower than what you intended to sell them for, however.

You can also visit a coin show where collectors of coins congregate to sell their coin collections.  Once again, this may not net you the exact worth of your coins.  Coin collectors may just make you their best offer, hope for the best and that you accept their offer.

Finally, there are numerous ways to sell your coins online such as through eBay.  Here you can create an online store to sell your coins.  You will want to include a photo of the coin and a short description of the condition of each coin.  This will help buyers determine what to offer as each coin is auctioned. Once the auction is over you can sell the coin for the final price or determine that the price is not what you wished and put the coin up for auction again.


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