How To Sell Things to a Scrap Yard

  • Scrap Yards -  Scrap yards are facilities that buy and sell various types of materials like automobile parts, copper, steel, aluminum and recyclable paper and rags.  Some scrap yards deal with one type of material and may sell scrap exclusively. When locating a scrap yard, check to see whether or not they buy as well as sell, and what types of scrap they accept.  Generally, individuals who sell to scrap yards, have a good eye for what is accepted.
  • How To Sell Things to a Scrap Yard - The next step when selling scrap is to know the dollar value of the items you wish to sell. This is very important. For example, if you know the per pound value of aluminum, copper and steel, you have a better understanding of how much your scrap is actually worth. In addition, you'll know what your own markup can be to make your scrap more competitive. One way to do this is to find out from local scrap yards what they pay for the types of scrap you wish to sell. These values can also be found online or from various reference sources that deal in either wholesale scrap or in recycling scrap materials. Recycling of glass, food-grade plastics and aluminum cans is another good source of scrap income.
  • Preparing to Sell Things to a Scrap Yard - It goes without saying that the cleaner the scrap items are, the higher their selling value.  Remove all extraneous soil from your scrap before attempting to sell it to a scrap yard.  Another reason for selling "clean" scrap is that many scrap yards won't accept items that may contain contaminants. Scrap sells best when it is in the most pristine condition.  Pressure washers are a great convenience for cleaning up old scrap.  Check around your home or garage for scrap items to be sold.  Then, separate them by type.  Depending on mass weight, place the scrap in a reasonably mobile container for easy transport to the scrap yard.  Once the scrap reaches the scrap facility, it will be weighed and a selling price will be determined.  This is the standard practice at most scrap facilities.  There may be some documentation to deal with in terms of the origin of the scrap items.  This type documentation is done mainly to insure that the scrap has not been illegally acquired.  This is for the security of the scrap buyer and seller.  Documentation also helps the seller maintain tracking of their sales.


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