How To Set up Carnival Games for an Office Party

Setting up carnival games at an office party is a great way to spice up the event. Office personnel and their families will have a good time with the fun carnival games that everyone can participate in. Hosting an office party takes a lot of preparation and should be planned well ahead of time. Here are some tips on how to set up carnival games for an office party.

1. Planning the Carnival Party

First decide on where to hold the event. You definitely can’t hold the carnival indoors because of all the carnival equipment and rides. If the office has an open lot outside or a big enough parking space, then maybe it can be held there, if not, then you may have to rent a venue. Have everyone in the office help out with the planning and organizing. Ask your officemates for carnival ideas and list them all down. Once the ideas are listed, you can all decide which ones are feasible and which ones to drop. Set up different committees such as a decoration committee, food committee, security, and production committee. Make sure everyone is involved in the preparations.

2.  Theme Party Emporium

You can rent everything you need for your office party from Theme Party Emporium. They can provide you with carnival games that are easy to set up at the event venue. You can choose a couple of games for the carnival or choose all the carnival games. The carnival games that are available from Theme Party Emporium are the bungee run, gladiator joust, moonwalk, Velcro walk, dragon moonwalk, ladder climb, giant slide and train ride just to name a few. They even have what a carnival cannot be without, the dunk tank.

3. Inflatable Adventures

With Inflatable Adventures you can have the company set up your carnival games for your event and have more time to prepare for other aspects of the event. Inflatable Adventures can set up inflatable games for children and adults like bungee football, human foosball, laser tag and bungee runs just to name a few.

4. Other Preparations

Make sure to have a layout of the venue or location you are setting up at. Position party games on the layout or map of the area so you can instruct suppliers where they should set up particular games. Make sure that there will be a committee for medical emergencies on hand just in case someone gets injured during the event. Schedule games so everyone can join in the fun and support their officemates, friends and families.

Renting carnival games can save you the trouble of creating and setting them up yourself so you can have quality games at the event. Aside from carnival games they can even supply a production game show and music entertainment to complete your office party.


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