How To Set Up the Perfect Creative Work Space

– And See Your Creativity Rocket!

Having a space where you can freely create is a much overlooked area when it comes to looking at how you can be more creative.

However talented you are, however much equipment, materials, ideas and motivation you have, if you don’t have somewhere you can go to and start creating at a moment’s notice, you’ll never get far with creating anything. Here’s your 5 step plan for creating the perfect creative workspace for YOU:

  1. Choose a creative space. The first step is to choose somewhere for your creative workspace. Not all of us have the luxury of a full creative studio, so for you, your creative workspace may be a desk in a spare room or simply a chair in a corner of a living room. Wherever you choose to define your creative workspace, make it somewhere you feel comfortable creating, both physically, and in terms of natural ambience.
  2. Make it your own. It’s vital to make your creative space your own, even if it’s a small corner of a room used by others. You may want to decorate the walls around with pictures or inspiring quotes, you might want to use a screen or dividing bookcase to add a little privacy. Do all you can to make this your personal creative sanctuary.
  3. Organise your equipment. This is one of the most crucial elements. If each time you have an idea and go to create it takes you 15 minutes just to find the right brush, pen or tool, your motivation disappears before you even start. Have your materials and equipment organised so you know where it all is. Take the time to get some storage containers – especially if you have a great number of materials you use. The time you spend getting organised you’ll save many times over in the long run.
  4. Create the right ambience. To be able to create as freely as possible, do all you can to create the right ambience. Depending on your preference, and on what you’re creating at the time, this will vary. You can use lighting and/or candles to create different moods, as well as music. You can also experiment with different fragrances. Find the best ways to create an ambience where you feel most comfortable creating.
  5. Modify and evolve. Even when you’ve done all of the four steps above, there will be ways you can modify your creative workspace as you go. It’s only by spending time creating in your space that you discover what’s effective. A simple rule to follow is: ask yourself what’s working well – then do more of that. Ask yourself what isn’t working – do less of that. In time your creative space will become more and more your own, and a place where you can’t help but be highly creative each time you come to it.

This is one of many ways to be more creative.

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From Creativity Coach Dan Goodwin

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