How To Sew a Karate Uniform for Your Child

Kids having martial arts sparring

Karate is a martial art that is characterized by swift punches, flashy kicks, grappling, vital point strikes using the knees and elbows, and some open-handed techniques such as the knife-hands. Practitioners of this Japanese original art need maximum ease of movement and lightweight gears to perform in full. This paved the way to the creation of the karate uniform that mainly consists of three parts: the jacket, pants and the belt.

Karate classes are now incorporated in some school curricula, and offer a good foundation for your child’s physical and discipline training. Since the karate uniform is a must-have when learning the martial art, it is much better if you can just sew it yourself rather than buy the more expensive uniforms at some stores or the ones offered at school.

When sewing the uniform you need the following:

  • The Karate Gi pattern, available at many online resources like, and many others. Check on sites that offer free shipping and discounts to save more.
  • Sewing equipment.
  • White cotton fabric.

The first thing to do is to take the measurement of your child. Since you’re working on a karate uniform, always make sure that the size will make your kid win competitions by allowing him to move freely while wearing it. Measure his hip, waist and chest sizes and match it to the size of the pattern you bought. Your entire pattern pack should be composed of the main body pattern, sleeves, cuffs and collar. You should also have the belt piece and the waistband and the front and back patterns for the pants.

As with any other type of pattern drafting, simply pin your patterns to the white fabric and start cutting the fabric from its designated patterns. In the end, you should have all of the parts ready for sewing. For starters, you may want to allot huge allowances so you can get some practice.

The next part is when you start sewing the pieces together to form your child's karate uniform. You can start anywhere, but to be more organized try starting with the upper portion of the uniform. Using pins to keep the cut fabrics in place, simply stitch the body together with the back seam and the sleeves at the armholes of the fabric. When you’re done stitching the body parts together and you’re now seeing a karate uniform, you can make it more durable by doing at least two top stitches on the seams. This should take care of heavy movements while the uniform is in action. Also, the seam of the underarms of the fabric should be stitched to the hem. Next, you can work on stitching the collar to the neck hole and the cuffs of the sleeves and the bottom of the jacket.

After the jacket, stitch the front and back fabrics, stitching at the side seams and work on the bottom of the pants with the cuffs for each. The belt should be fairly easy as it only requires stitching all sides with a top stitch to make it stronger.


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