How To Shoot a Face Picture

Pictures can tell a story. They can remind people of certain events and happenings. They serve as a memory for things that they have experienced. One type of picture that is not so easy to take is a face picture. Face pictures are needed for ID cards, passports and other important documents. As the name implies, the face picture only consists of the persons face and neck.

Here are some tips on how to shoot a face picture.

  • Use a tripod. For this type of picture, it is advisable to use a tripod instead of taking a picture while holding the camera. By using a tripod, you will avoid having slanted pictures and blurry edges because of unsteady hands. Also, it will be easier to set up.
  • Background. If the face picture is needed for an important document, it is best to choose plain colored backgrounds, such as white, dark blue or red. Some documents require the face picture to have a certain background. If it is a candid shot or experimental face picture, feel free to use any background that you want. The background can set the mood for the picture, so choose it carefully.
  • Use a stool. Let the person you are taking a picture of sit on a stool. This will help the atmosphere be more relaxed. This will also help the face image of the person to appear calm and relaxed.
  • Face powder. Get rid of excess face shine by putting face powder on the subject before shooting the face picture. This will lessen the editing you have to do on face software. Remember not to put so much face powder that the face of the person is already white as paper. Just put enough powder on to cover the shine and make the face of the person appear fresh. This will make the face hot.
  • Make up. For girls, a natural looking make up will do. Some guys may also need to wear make up to remove dark circles under the eyes. Make sure not to put too much make up on, or the picture might turn into a make-up picture where the first thing that you will notice is the make up and not the face.
  • Editing. After you take the picture, you can edit it. Do not edit the face so much that the person is no longer recognizable. Some of the basic things to edit are dark circles under the eye, the red-eye effect, wrinkles, scars and blemishes. This will turn your picture into a skin picture where the subject will appear to have perfect skin.

These are the tips on how to take a face picture. The faces on this type of photo are the ones that will be telling the story. It is important to tell your subject to have a simple smile. Kids are especially fun to take face pictures of as they can distort their faces and try to be ugly but they still remain too cute.


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