How To Shoot a Nature Photo

Have you always wanted to be able to photograph pictures like you see in Natural Geographic and find that perfect nature photo that will make you into a world renown photographer? Well now you can, and it doesn't take going much further than your nearest park or forest preserve.

The perfect nature photo is a picture that does a number of things. It can either be your focal point in pristine condition, in its natural environment, at an angle that most people wouldn't think to look at it from. A good nature photo can also show people interacting with nature. Find any assortment of natural images that may look great. You can shoot a natural model in the woods by a small copse of trees, and have a great photo.

Kids always make great photo subjects, especially when they are in an environment that is natural. Children don't even have to be still to take some great photos, as pictures where kids are running through flowers or through the trees can often be a big hit.

So take your kids out to the local forest preserve, and walk along side the hiking trails. The underbrush is where you will find those undisturbed flowers or bugs that make for interesting photo shoots. Bring clothes that you don't mind getting dirty, because you may find something beautiful to shoot, or something that will make your children's eyes just pop out because of the natural colors, or look even further off the beaten paths for natural scenes that are pristine, and worthy of being captured forever in time.

When you have found your perfect natural scene, or a subject au naturel, children automatically flock to; you need to find the right angle. Because everyone looks at a flower from above, why not try to find a shot from underneath where you can capture the sun's rays (or some well placed lighting) come through the petals of a beautiful flower? Macro lenses (or close-up lenses) make shooting these types of natural images easy, because you can shoot as close up as you need to. Then set up your lighting so it does not look too bright or harsh against your camera's lens. Unless you are in a very well open spot, you will not find adequate lighting, so bring a diffuser to reduce the harsh glare from any lights you may have with you. A diffuser will also give everything a more ethereal look, appropriate for a nature photo.


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