How To Solve Difficult Crossword Puzzles

When it comes to hobbies, some people find fulfillment in things other than photography, scuba diving, online gaming, etc.  They get a great amount of accomplishment in solving difficult crossword puzzles.  At first, even crossword puzzles enthusiasts know that these puzzles are not that easy.  But there are techniques that can be adopted to help you solve these difficult puzzles.

Read through the all the clues once and write down the obvious answers right away.  If you are doing great in one of the corners, stay and focus on that corner until you exhaust all the answers.  Then, go through all the clues systematically and try to memorize as many clues as you can.

For the second time, go through the puzzle again.  This time, answer by speculations or presumptions on parts of the clues. 

Some of these difficult crossword puzzles are usually done under a theme.  Try to find out if there is a theme and going through the puzzle over and over again might help you break the code.  You can find out the theme by the clues given.  After you find out the theme, you can now start with the long answers and see if it is connected to the theme at all.

It would be an advantage to go through the puzzle from time to time.  You will be surprised to see that some of those clues that you find difficult at first will suddenly come around after three or four reviews.

Do not think twice about calling some people.  People that you think might be able to help you with one or more of the answers.  This is not really cheating, because this serves as means for you to know some of the answers.  Call your neighbor, your tennis friend, movie friend, classmates, and others.  You can call a lawyer-friend who might be able to give you some answers on legal clues, while your sister who is a nurse can answer some medical terms that jargon to non-medical people.  These are already two problems solved and four if your puzzle has a theme in regard to their fields.

Use more sources.  Again, this is not cheating.  This is another tool to help you find out the answers.  Crossword puzzle dictionaries are available in bookstores and online and will be a great help as a resource for difficult words.  Atlases, almanacs, geography, science books and the internet are rich in information that will help you get to the answers and complete the puzzle.

Too much of everything will bore you.  After a while, even by just seeing the puzzle will already annoy you.  Set it aside.  Do something else, like watch a movie, hike or play tennis with your friend.  This will help you take your mind off the puzzle and refresh your brain.  Go back to the puzzle whenever you feel like doing it again, starting from the first step down to the end until either you got tired again or finally solve the puzzle, whichever comes first.

Solving difficult crossword puzzles require a lot of patience.  It takes time to come up with the answers especially when it's a big, difficult puzzle you are trying to solve.  Take time to answer each clue and do not hesitate to consult every possible reference to help you find the answer. 


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