How To Solve the 16 Puzzles of "Virtual Villagers"

Virtual Villagers is a strategy-based computer game wherein the player needs to manage a population living in a virtual village for them to become self-sufficient. The player will assist the villagers in building homes, schools and places of worship, and also in the gathering of food and rearing of children. Another perk of Virtual Villagers is the presence of the 16 puzzles that will have to be solved for successful completion of the game.

1st Puzzle

Choose a good builder among the villagers to fix the water source. The builder should be dragged to the well so he can start repairing it.

2nd Puzzle

Get a villager that has satisfactory building skills. He should be assigned to build huts so that your virtual villagers won't encounter housing problems when the population starts to increase.

3rd Puzzle

Assign one villager to pick up trash from the beach. This is so the villagers can start stocking up on fish to guarantee the food supply. It would be best to drag one with skills in fishing so he can start doing so once he finishes cleaning up the beach.

4th Puzzle

Locate the master scientist among the virtual villagers and drag him to the existing building on the northern part of the village so that he can start putting up a school.

5th Puzzle

Assign a villager with a construction skill score of 2 to the northwest part of the river. This is so he can begin hauling the rocks that have piled on the creek causing obstruction of water flow. Once the rock piles have been removed, water will freely flow to the lagoon.

6th Puzzle

To accomplish this, you will need to solve the 5th puzzle first. Drag a farmer or any villager that has a harvesting skill score of 3 to the lagoon so he gets to start fishing.

7th Puzzle

In the event that one villager dies, you need to appoint an adult villager which has a score of 2 on spirituality to locate the graveyard. Do this by bringing him to the northeastern part of the village. The succeeding deaths in the village will automatically prompt the villagers to honor their dead by performing funeral rites.

8th Puzzle

The villagers will need to be acquainted with various medicinal plants and their healing properties. Appoint a villager for the job by dragging him to the plants' locations. Two of these are located on the eastern side of the village, the other plant is situated near the lagoon, and the last one which is a cactus should be found near a boulder.

9th Puzzle

Completion of this challenge will require solving the 5th puzzle first. Employ a villager that has satisfactory building skills to rehabilitate a field where only dead flowers can be found. Drag him to the eastern side of the village so he starts watering the field using water he gathers from the lagoon.

10th Puzzle

Complete the 14th puzzle first. In this challenge, you will need to await for butterflies to appear so that you can drag the golden child to the northern part of a berry bush where a strange plant is located. Dragging the golden child to this location will prompt the butterflies to follow suit and eventually pollinate the plant.

11th Puzzle

Select a villager with a construction skill level of 3 for this challenge. Drag him to the southeastern part of the village where ruins can be found so that he gets to begin with the restoration process.

12th Puzzle

Solve the 11th puzzle first. Afterwards, assign a builder with a spirituality score of 3. He should be dragged to the western part of the village where a shiny rock is located. Once you bring him there, he will start sculpting the rock to make an idol.

13th Puzzle

In here, the golden child will be born. So you have to have a nursing mom with a fertility level of 3 brought to the lagoon so she can rear the newly-born.

14th Puzzle

Accomplish the 13th puzzle first. Once done and the golden child is ready, drag her to the magic garden full of flowers. Hang around and you will eventually see butterflies flying in.

15th Puzzle

This puzzle will require the skills of a master builder with a score of 3 in science to find a treasure hidden among the sandy areas of the village's southern part. He should be able to find the treasure buried between the temple and the food bin.

16th Puzzle

In here, the golden child has to move the boulder. Completion of this puzzle will all depend on the golden child's readiness.

Sometimes we can get frustrated or impatient with a game and resort to walkthroughs, hints or cheats. There are a lot of sites on the Internet that offer these for practically every type of game. Though these may be really helpful, they somewhat decrease the game experience. After all, it's the challenges that keep us playing the game.


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