How To Solve the Peg Game

Mastering the Peg Game Found at Cracker Barrel Restaurants

This article provides a quick and easy-to-remember method of solving the peg game commonly found at Cracker Barrel restaurants. Any frequent visitor to these restaurants has been vexed by this simple, yet very difficult game. You start with 14 pegs and one empty space on the triangular peg board, and the object of the game is to jump over each individual peg until you've only got one remaining peg on the board. Of course, you can only jump a peg over another peg if it can land on an empty space.

So if you're tired of being an "EG-NO-RA-MOOSE" or "just plain stupid", this surefire method will help you impress your family and friends, or even get the upper hand in winning a bet.

Step 1

Clear the middle. I will provide step-by-step instructions with the numbered spaces, but it may be easier just to look at the pictures that I made. The pictures work from left to right. Start off with the open space at the very top of the peg board.

  • Your first move is to jump '4' over '2' into space #1.
  • The next step you will take will be to jump '6' over '5' into space #4.

Step 2

Work around the middle.

  • Jump '15' over '10' into space #6.
  • Follow that by jumping '3' over '6' into space #10.
  • Next, jump '13' over '9' into space #6.
  • Then jump '11' over '12' into space #13.

Step 3

Fill the top.

  • From here, you should jump '14' over '13' into space #12.
  • The next step is to jump '12' over '8' into space #5.
  • The following step is to jump '7' over '4' into space #2.
  • The last step in filling the top is to jump '10' over '6' into space #3.

These steps brought all of the pegs into one condensed area and, as you may now see, the end is just around the corner.

Step 4

Finish it off.

  • Jump '1' over '2' into space #4.
  • After that, jump '4' over '5' into space #6.
  • Lastly, jump '6' over '3' into space #1.

Victory at last!

With a little practice, you can memorize this method to be at your disposal at a moment's notice. There are many different ways to solve the peg game, so if you master this method, consider working on finding another way. Hopefully, you will enjoy learning the solution to this feisty little peg game and become a real genius, at least in the eyes of your breakfast mates.


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