How To Start a Home Photography Studio

The photography business is a lucrative endeavor. People never run out of occasions that they want to have documented. From weddings to simple graduation pictures people from all lifestyles like keeping memories of events in their life through things that they can easily see and hold.

Photographers go to lengths to cater to this specific demand. They rent spaces in the city to get closer to their clients. This costs them money apart from their expenses on their equipment. This is the reason why setting up a home photography studio is a practical move. If you are a professional photographer, then you can save up and earn a lot of money just by staying at home while entertaining potential clients. The following are steps that you can take so that you can set up your own studio in the comfort of your own home.

1.      Gather your cameras. It depends on you if you would want to make your photography studio sophisticated or simple. Consider the materials such as the cameras you are going to use. You need to invest in Single Lens Reflex (SLR) cameras, digital cameras and even point-and-shoot cameras. In manual SLRs, consider what brand is more friendly for you to use. Stock-up on film, from black and whites to colored ones. When it comes to digital cameras or digital SLRs, you should consider their resolution. In buying digital cameras, be keen in how many megapixels the camera has. Buy many memory cards so that you would always be ready if you run out of space to store digital data.

2.      Pick your lighting equipment. You should know how to pick your lighting equipment. Along with this, get filters, electronic flash units, studio lights and stands. If there is a need for gels and reflectors, avail of them. It is important to know the range or wattage of lights you need for the business. Know the standard specifics that you need to avail. It would be good to list them down and make a budget breakdown. Should your budget be enough, then buy the equipment.

3.      Establish your own studio. After cameras and lighting, you need to consider your working space. It should be spacious enough to fit all your equipment and the people who would want you to take their picture. You could consider your garage, your basement or even your attic, if ever you have one.

You need a backdrop and different colored backdrops so you can change backgrounds for different purposes and themes.

4.      Get registered. You need to register your home-based photography studio to your municipality or local government so that it would be official and you would be observing legal provisions.

5.      Publicize. After all these, it is time to consider your publicity. You can turn the Internet into your best friend. Through the net, you can join organizations and forums on photography. There you can advertise your home-based company. Post publicity materials, hand out flyers in your locality.

Setting up a home-based Photography studio may be as meticulous as trying to find the right aperture for a certain picture you are going to take. You need to be keen on many details and you must really have a good background in photography so that you would know what equipment to avail. If you are well versed with the trade, you will save and earn you more money.


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