How To Start a Jazz Music Club

A jazz music club like any other starts with a group of friends getting together. After a point, you need to infuse new ideas and new thoughts to keep the momentum going. This would be a good time to start a jazz music club. If you are a jazz musician, it is not necessary that you should have a jazz music club for only musicians, but also for people who love jazz merely for the listening pleasure of it.

The business of a jazz music club
A jazz music club owner/member would also have to deal with the business end of things. To start a jazz music club once you have set out your objectives and potential members, you need to find a place for your meetings. Once you have done so, make sure that you comply with the local laws regarding commercial activities, as a jazz music club could be termed commercial under certain laws in different locations even if it is a non-profit organization. You will need to collect some fee to sustain the jazz music club. Furnish your jazz music club with things that attract jazz lovers. But remember that music is better with good sound. You must invest in good sound drivers and amplifiers, etc., so that people can not only enjoy the music, but will want to visit again and again.

How to attract attention when you start a jazz music club
Once you have the place, you can network with jazz musicians and music lovers and invite them to your jazz music club. You should do some preliminary homework to know your jazz music club audience as well as know the places where jazz musicians and jazz music lovers stay or frequent. You can hand out brochures or flyers to attract attention to your jazz music club. This association in the beginning will get your jazz music club noticed. Occasionally, you may be required to sign contracts or obtain licenses to play or have jazz music performed. So be prepared for this.

Know when to limit the members of your jazz music club
Once you have attracted some attention to your jazz music club and engaged your members, word of mouth will suffice to generate enough interest in others to want to join you club. However, you should remember that there is a very good possibility that you will get a high number of responses to your proposed jazz music club. While that is a good thing, you must also take care to see that your jazz music club does not take unmanageable proportions. When this happens, you will end up spending all your time handling administrative responsibilities instead of enjoying playing, listening or discussing in your jazz music club.


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