How To Start a Marble Collection

Maintaining a marble collection is a fun hobby for a person of any age. In fact, there are many marble collections that have been treasured by families for generations. A marble collection is one of the simplest hobbies to begin, due to the fact that most people already have a few miscellaneous marbles hanging around the house.

The first step in collecting marbles is to make sure you have a safe place to store them. Also, it's important to consider what type of marble collection you'd like to create. There are storage cases made especially for marble collections; these can be purchased for approximately $30.00. These cases usually house marbles separately in a lined interior, to keep valuable ones in prime condition. However, if you plan to make practical use of your playing marble collection and you're not concerned about preserving the condition of the marbles then storing them together in a fabric bag would be perfectly fine.

Finding more pieces for your marble collection is the next step. One of the most appealing reasons to collect marbles is the feeling of exhilaration you experience when you discover a stash of marbles in an unexpected place. A few examples of unusual places where you might find unique marbles are flea markets, antique stores, thrift shops, or in private residence auctions. If you don't see any marbles set out for sale, look around for old children's games. In many cases marbles are used as players or pieces in children's games. It may be worth the purchase price of an old game board or a Chinese checkers set in order to add its marbles to your collection.

Once you've found some marbles to add to your collection you'll want to identify their types. There are books in the library and resources online that will help you to figure out the names of particular playing marbles by their appearance. Some of the most well-known types are known as Pee-Wees. They are smaller than the average playing marbles. Another popular style is a Swirl marble. The various colors are featured in a swirl design. The solid color playing marble is one found in a single color. Having knowledge of each of the residents in your marble collection will allow you to better show off your unique finds.

Whether your marble collecting pursuits focus on handmade marbles or everyday playing marbles, a marble collection is a hobby built on exciting discoveries.


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