How To Start a Music Club at School

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It does not matter which part of the world you come from. Music is a universal language. It communicates love, understanding, hatred, compassion and a myriad other emotions. In the movie Transformers, Bumble Bee communicates through the radio DJ and the music from the car stereo. Music is one thing no one can have an objection to – unless you play it to disturb others.

If you love music, chances are that you will find everyone you talk to loves one form of music or another. So perhaps you want to start a music club in your school that will not only cover music that you love, but help you discover other forms of music. Here are few things to help you start a music club at school.

Club Members

Start off informally between your friends. You will soon enough be approaching your class teacher or school head – or headmaster or principal – for permission to formally start your club, but when your class teacher or principal sees many students being interested in the music club at school, he will find it very difficult to refuse.

Talk to your friends and classmates and find out your common interests in music. Make plans of how you want your music club to be. Don’t limit yourself to exclude members by age alone and do not include extreme age groups that would make your music club discordant. Make notes and if possible, list out what your music club at school will do and / or accomplish. If you use your music club at school for informal purposes, chances are it will not last your term that year. You want to start a music club at school that will be your legacy to the school and a music club at school that will last after you have gone.

Circulate by a letter on a notice board or by handing out paper flyers or use your email to let everyone know you are intending to start a music club at school. Have a limit on the number of members or you may end up with too many to handle.


Once you have gathered and talked to your friends and classmates and have a definite plan for your music club at school and your notes are ready, you have to meet your class teacher. It is definitely helpful to have an adult – even if you are nearly one – to present your case. When your class teacher hears you and reads your notes, he will know of your resolve and make a better presentation to the school head. You will have your permission. Just make sure that you are not interfering with your classmate’s or your studies!

Once you have permission from your class teacher and your school head, make sure you have permission from parents of your club members as well.

Music Clubhouse

Now that you have the necessary permission, you could either use any empty classroom or if you make a successful presentation before your class teacher and school head, they could even allot a room for your music clubhouse to hold your meetings, practice your music and store your music instruments!

That’s it! Your music club at school is ready. Remember to have fun and not make it so serious as to have members leave before you have fully taken off.


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