How To Start a Seed Bead Project

Seed beads are tiny round beads that come in many different colors. They can easily be found in your jewelry store. Although mostly associated with jewelry making, they can be used for home décor as well. You can search for "seed beads" in Wikipedia or simply Google it to gain more information about their different types and colors.

Seed bead projects are fun but can also be tiring. You need a lot of patience but the results can be fulfilling. Many seed bead patterns and designs with detailed instructions and illustrations are available on the web. You can check out to get started. For beading techniques, you can visit

For your seed bead project, here are some things to remember.

  • First, you need to dedicate yourself to the project. You may opt to start with simple projects that only involve minimal design to get a hang of this kind of craftwork.
  • Next, you need to prepare your workplace. It should be clean, spacious and neat with an adequate light source. You are dealing with tiny objects here and it would be hard to work if the space is messy. Beading also requires a lot of eye work so light is essential while working.
  • Choose your materials appropriately. Seed beads, nylon thread, jewelry needles and scissors are some of the things required for this project. Additional materials may be needed depending on your project. Some tips are provided below to help you pick the best materials.
  • Finally, stick to your project. Although, your eyes and neck may start hurting after one hour of beading, remember that this takes time, and fulfillment will come later. Take a short break when you're feeling tired. Stretch. You can always stop and continue at another time.

Choosing Appropriate Materials

  • As mentioned above, seed beads come in different colors and sizes. Depending on your project, you may opt to buy many different types of beads or stick to only the ones required. Remember, it is better to buy an excess of seed beads, because you usually lose some while doing the project.
  • For the needles, choose one specifically for beading. Sizes 10 and 12 would be optimal.
  • Nylon beading threads come in different widths and sizes. They can easily be purchased in crafts and jewelry stores. The most common sizes for seed beading projects are B and D.
  • A conditioning material may be used. This will be applied to your thread to smoothen it out and prevent knots from forming. Commercial conditioning materials are available, such as Thread Heaven. If you want to make the thread stiff, use beeswax, also known as microcrystalline wax.

After working, you need to clean up your workspace. A triangular scoop can easily gather the leftover beads on the table. Seed beads may be stored and separated in small paper boxes with different tags indicating size and color; or more ideally, in clear plastic cases, so that you can easily the colors.

Although some of the designs you want to do may seem difficult, all you need is some patience and dedication to get the job done. Nothing is impossible if you set your heart into it. Good luck and enjoy.


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