How To Start the Hammer Drops in Starcraft

When you have built your fleet and have fought every enemy force coming at you in Starcraft, the next step would have to be taking the battle to the higher level by doing hammer drops. This is one of the most challenging parts of the game. But it is also the most fun and satisfactory. Many Starcraft players actually make this their goal of the game.

You can begin the hammer drops on Starcraft by following these steps:

  1. You will need a Commsat Station (CommSat). If you still do not have this, it's time to build one. This station is necessary for when the nuclear is launched as the CommSat will help reveal those ghosts that are targeting you and you can attack them with precision.
  2. When you have the CommSat, you can build your battle cruisers as well as make the necessary canon upgrades. It will take awhile for the cruisers to be built so have patience. You will need at least twelve of this. Also start building Science Vessels to escort your fleet; they work to make sure that your enemies, such as the Ghosts will not last longer. You would have essentially avoided lockdowns on your Battle Cruisers if you have prepared for this.
  3. Have your SCV's harvest minerals and fortify your base. The minerals are important for repairing building and you would need to stock up on this or conserve this. Making sure that your defenses in and around are properly and strategically set will strengthen it. Give attention to the bunkers in the left and right of your base as this have the tendency to be most vulnerable. 
  4. While you are setting up your defenses, also prepare to line up your base with missile turrets. You should be experiencing attacks from wraiths and spies will be hovering about to see how effective your defenses are, so these turrets would be a big help.
  5. When you have already built your battle cruisers and science vessels, the hammer drops will get more interesting. Once complete, it is time to go northwest and attack the Sons of Korhal Base. Take over this base and gather all the minerals you can get as you would have depleted this by now. Secure the base and make repairs to damaged cruisers and buildings.
  6. Head to the second base of the hammer drops mission and all the rest should be easy from this point onwards.

The game of Starcraft has earned its popularity among computer enthusiasts since its conception in the late 90’s. To those who are addicted to playing with video games, Starcraft is one of the most-preferred and top choices.

It is a multi-player game and real-time strategy game, allowing one to build forces or fight against other real players. Touted as one of the most entertaining ways to pass time or play on the computer, Starcraft has spawned many types of versions.


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