How To Stock Your Craft Cupboard

Creating homemade crafts of all types is a popular and rewarding hobby for children and adults alike.  Crafters never know when inspiration will strike, so it's important to always have a well-stocked craft cupboard at the ready.

It's easy to stock your home arts and crafts supply pantry with the basics.  Once you're fully equipped, and if you have the room, you can branch out and introduce more unusual and exotic supplies and materials to your collection.  Those new to crafting can start out with the following essentials:

Cutting Devices--For the crafting novice, a good pair of scissors will suffice.  An X-acto knife is useful for cutting small or detailed areas. Scrapbooking enthusiasts can also include a variety of pinking shears for custom-designed paper edging.

Sticky Stuff--Most craft projects entail some sort of gluing or adhering.  Old-fashioned Elmer's wood glue and regular Scotch tape are probably the only adhesives a beginner will need.  A glue stick comes in handy if you're attaching pieces of paper. Crafting pros will need to have a plug-in glue gun for more involved creations.

Fasteners--Crafters who work with cloth will want to include some fasteners with their supplies.  Straight pins and some rolls of Velcro should get you started.

The Obvious--Writing implements and straightedges.  While most homes have these on hand, crafters sometimes forget to put them within easy reach.  No craft cabinet is complete without a few pencils (and of course, a sharpener) for making measurements and other marks.  A straightedge or ruler is another oft-forgotten essential.

Each crafter will have to determine which additional supplies, if any, are necessary for his or her particular craft or hobby and plan accordingly.

Parents of young children know the usefulness of a stocked art supply cabinet to entertain their kids on a bad-weather day or when they are home sick from school.  A good craft project can keep them busy for a few hours and will leave them proud of their accomplishments.

The essentials of a well-stocked kids' craft pantry are the same as an adult's (minus the X-acto knife).  Additionally, you'll want to include a full set of crayons, watercolor paints, multicolored markers, construction paper, pipe cleaners, and glitter.  And don't forget the smock!  Any odds and ends you have on hand--paper clips, stray toy pieces, rubber bands, etc.--can be added to the cabinet and used to make an impromptu "found art" sculpture.  The options are limited only by your (and your child's) imagination.


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