How To Stop Sabotaging Your Creativity

The 5 Key Steps

So you feel you'd like to be more creative. Obviously, the way to do this is to look for all the things you can start doing to help you increase your creativity--it's the only way to approach it, isn't it?

Well, no. What most of us overlook are all the ways we unknowingly sabotage our chances of being more creative each and every day with negative habits that may have been in place for years.

So looking at what you can STOP doing that's limiting your creativity is often MORE powerful and beneficial than looking at what you can start doing.

Here are 5 ways you sabotage YOUR creativity, how you can become more aware and replace with some positive changes today:

  1. You create only when the conditions are perfect. You're a busy person, and don't have the luxury of being able to create 24 hours a day. Plus, you can only create when you're in the right mood, when inspiration strikes--you can't force these things, right?

    Unfortunately no, this is a recipe for creating less and less. The far more effective alternative is to set aside a minimum amount of time each and every day to create, even if it's just 15 minutes. When you get into the habit of creating each day, you don't have to wait for inspiration--it's always there.

  2. You create only what you think you SHOULD be creating. All of your art is guided by what you feel other people will approve of or expect from you. Your parents, your partner, your colleagues and peers, your high school art teacher, anyone and everyone but you.

    Even if you create wonderful art this way, if it's not what's truly in your heart, you'll always feel a little detached from it, and resentful that it's not quite your own. Listen to yourself, experiment, and find what you REALLY want to create, what you passionately desire to create. Doesn't the world--and you--deserve to see what the real creative you is capable of?

  3. You don't actually believe you're creative. What you believe about yourself and your creative abilities are ultimately what set the limitations of how creative you are. If you have limiting beliefs like, "I'm not a real artist, I'm a fake," "Anyone can create this kind of stuff, it's nothing special" or "I'll never create anything I'm truly proud of," then you will live--and create--in alignment with these beliefs.

    Reaching your true creative potential will be like trying to launch a rocket from inside an aircraft hangar. It'll only get as far as the ceiling! Spend some time writing out what you really believe about your creative abilities. Then pick out the beliefs that are less than positive and start to turn them around.

  4. You don't have anywhere to create. Do you rarely create because the desk you set up for your artwork is always buried in piles of paperwork, remnants of past creative projects and a collection of random clutter?

    This is a classic way of sabotaging your creativity and killing your creative motivation before you create anything. Have a space dedicated to creating, and organize it so you can go there and start creating at a moment's notice. Keep it clear and with all your materials and equipment close to hand.

  5. You try to create all alone without any support. The artist's life can seem very isolated and lonely and it's true that most creative work is solo work. But that doesn't mean you can't get support for your creative life.

    Today, there are more opportunities than ever to find other creative people who are feeling the same kind of frustrations and doubts, triumphs and breakthroughs that you are. Find a creative community that's right for you--either locally or online. The difference it will make to your creativity having people actively encouraging you will amaze you.

These are 5 ways you sabotage your creativity--probably without even realizing it. Pick one of the above and start making the changes today you feel will help you shake off the restrictions and set your creativity free!

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I really enjoyed reading this.

By Marcos Riso

Yes , you should utilise your creative senses rather than day dreaming about them and letting them rust.

By jasmin nanda