How To Stop Softly Killing Your Creativity

There are many ways we slowly sabotage our creativity, most of which we don’t even realize we’re doing. Here are 5 of the most dangerous assassins, and how to avoid sending your creativity to an early grave:

  1. You hide your creativity like a dirty secret. Do you only create when there’s no one around? Do you go to great lengths to hide any trace of creative activity from those around you? What kind of message does this send to your creativity? It’s certainly not the message that creativity is something that is open, free and encouraged!

    How can you be more open about your creativity and how important creating is to you? This begins with yourself. If you don’t admit to yourself that creating is a crucial and fundamental part of your life, then how can you expect others to accept it too?

  2. You create only what you think you “should” create. Think about the last 5 creative projects you’ve created. How many were projects you chose because they were exactly what YOU had the desire to create? How many were things that you thought you should create, or what your partner/ peers/ teacher/ parents said you should create?

    If you never create what’s most important to you, you’ll always have an lingering resentment about your work, and not fully enjoy it. Pick a project today that you’re really excited about creating, just for yourself, and create the best work you can.

  3. You only ever attempt hugely ambitious projects. Do you only take on very complex and involved projects that you know will take months to complete even if all goes to plan? Then something doesn’t go to plan, the project gets stretched out even longer, and your motivation and enthusiasm is running on empty.

    Keep your creative momentum high by creating smaller and more varied projects. You can still have your more ambitious works, but by starting, enjoying and finishing smaller projects along the way, you keep your creative energy freely flowing.

  4. You forget that being more creative is good for your health. Ask anyone who creates what they feel like when they’re in the creative flow, how it enhances their general well-being and quality of life. You’ll get a very positive response.

    When you forget how enjoyable and fulfilling creating is, you give up even trying. How can you keep in touch with this more yourself, and remember that ultimately, the more you create, the more rewarding your life feels?

  5. You let your inner critic have the upper hand. Are you constantly bombarded by negative voices in your head saying things like: “Who said you had any talent anyway?” or, “Why are starting this -- you know you’ll mess it up like all those other projects?”...

    We all have these negative comments from our inner critic. All it’s trying to do is protect you from disappointment. So say “Thank you, Fred (or whatever yours is called), for your concern -- I know you’re just trying to protect me. But I’m going to carry on and create anyway.” Then carry on and create anyway.

Which of these most resonates with you? What steps are you going to take to stop softly killing your creativity in this way from today onwards?

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