How To Store and Maintain Your Game Systems

When speaking of game systems, the main object of concern is the console unit. These machines are specifically designed to run games stored in either optical discs or cartridges. Every two years or so more sophisticated and complex models are developed. These units aren't cheap and as you may know, the more high-tech an electronic device gets, the more it becomes vulnerable and apt to malfunction.

  1. Keep your console well ventilated. Video game consoles, especially the latest models available today, produce a lot of heat. This is not so much due to the design of the machine itself as it is to the natural habit of gamers to go on for hours. Avoid using those common enclosed television stands as these will certainly contain the heat generated. Put your video game console on a TV stand or rack that has either an open back or open side. Something that has a wire-frame type of construction will really allow a lot of ventilation. Also make sure that the stand or rack you're going to use is sturdy and doesn't wobble.
  2. Avoid setting anything on the game console. It's never a good idea to stack different electronic devices on top of each other or put them closely side by side. Use a stand or rack that has enough well-spaced shelves to accommodate both your DVD player and game console if they share the same TV.  Alternatively and if you can afford it, put your game console in its own separate stand. Most of us also have a tendency to leave optical discs, cartridges or their cases lying on top of the console. This has the negative effect of reflecting the heat back into the unit. This doesn't just go for discs; sometimes we may absentmindedly set TV remote controls, manuals, or even coffee mugs on a console.
  3. Do not leave game discs, cartridges and controllers lying around in the room. Storing game discs and cartridges in their proper cases and putting them in a separate shelf will spare them from accidental scratches and other damage. You may no longer be playing with them at present but at a later time when you get the urge to have another go, you can at least be sure they'll still run properly in the console. Wired controllers shouldn't be left around on the floor, a chair or carelessly dangling from the stand where someone could accidentally trip over them or snag them and then tragically drag the whole console unit out of its shelf to smash on the floor. And since we're on the subject of tripping and snagging, you might also want to use cord wraps for the AV and power supply cables of your game console and TV that may be loosely hanging about behind the stand.
  4. Fight off the dust. Besides heat, dust is another thing that can surely damage your game system. Compressed air is a bad idea for getting rid of dust that may have accumulated in the creases and vents of your game console. Dust could be accidentally blown into rather than away from the unit. Use a small hand held vacuum cleaner instead to suck off the dust.

Making a habit of maintaining your game system will definitely stretch its lifetime and allow you to get the most value of your pricey game console.


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