How To Store Mint Sheets of Stamps

Mint sheets of stamps pertain to those stamps that look as new as when you bought them at your post office. These stamps have not been damaged by moisture, light and heat. Whether you are a veteran or novice at mint sheets stamps collecting, you certainly need to know the ways on how to store your collection.

Here are some of the suggested ways on storing your mint sheets of stamps to secure them from all the causes of damages:

  1. Gather as many stamps as you can. You will surely need to allot a part of your budget for this collection. Then organize the stamps according to some order such as by States or Presidents.
  2. Use tongs when handling mint stamps. This will avoid the dirt and oil in your hands to be transferred to the mint stamps. Also make sure that you work on your mint sheets of stamps collection when the weather is good such that it's not raining or humid.
  3. Place the stamps in envelopes made of transparent glassine. This will protect the mint sheets of stamps from air and grease. Choose glassine envelopes that are acid free. The envelope can also be made of PVC or neutral, whichever is available in your bookstore.
  4. Place the envelopes in a box. Purchase a box intended solely for your mint stamps, or you can also make use of the old boxes or shoe boxes. Label the boxes by the category that you assign for it.
  5. Make use of a transparent bin. This container can protect your stamps from UV rays and from other dangers. You can put the box containing the mint stamps or place the mint stamps directly into the transparent bin.
  6. Place the box in a safe and dry place where there is a controlled temperature. Make sure that the box does not get damp.
  7. Maintain the value of the stamp. This can be done by protecting the back of the mint stamps from dirt. Do not paste the stamp in another sheet even if it is self adhesive.
  8. Place the mint sheets of stamps in frames. This is the best way on how you can display your stamp collection and make a piece of art. Make sure that the glass of the frame that you will use can protect the stamps against harmful rays. Mount the glass so it does not touch the pictures to avoid moisture inside.
  9. Store the mint stamps in upright position and not on top of every sheet. This will prevent the stamps from sticking to each other and causing them to fade.
  10. Store the stamp containers in a dark and dry place. The bedroom closet can be a good storage area. The closet is dry where the stamps don't get damp and it is also dark to avoid fading of colors.

Mint stamps are small pieces of art that you can collect or make money from. Either way, you have to know how to store mint sheets of stamps so that they don't get damaged.


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