How To String Beads onto Yarn

Colorful beads

Yarn projects can be fun for the whole family. A great way to embellish any yarn project is to string beads onto yarn. Once you've seen this easy trick for stringing beads onto yarn, you will use it again and again.

First, you'll want to select the right beads and the right yarn. One way to avoid frustration when stringing beads onto yarn is to be sure to select beads that are large enough for the width of the yarn. You want to be sure that the bead will string onto the yarn easily, because otherwise, you could fray the yarn and your project could look messy. Be sure to carefully compare the size of the hole on the bead to the yarn.

Also, since manufacturing defects can cause variations in the quality and size of the individual beads, when you want to string beads onto yarn, buy more beads than you actually need, just in case.

Once you have selected your beads, to string beads onto yarn you'll also need:

  • a needle (be sure it is small enough to fit into the beads)
  • a 12-inch piece of thread
  • your yarn

Here's how we do it:

  1. First, thread the needle. When the needle is through the eye, tie the ends together to make a loop.
  2. Put one end of your yarn through the loop. Hold the loose end of the yarn against the string that leads back to the ball of yarn.
  3. Place one of your beads on the needle. Slide the bead down the needle, over the thread loop, and onto the yarn. Slide it until it is past the doubled over section of the yarn. Continue to string beads onto the yarn until you have placed all of the beads that you plan to use on the yarn.

This easy way to string beads onto yarn eliminates the frustration that occurs when you string beads onto yarn and the yarn frays. Once you have completed the above "string beads onto yarn" process, you can begin your project. Just keep the beads down string from your work, and when you are ready to add a bead, slide the bead into your project.


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