How To String Popcorn Garland

Many people think of the winter holidays as the time to string a popcorn garland, but stringing popcorn garlands can be fun year-round. You can make a unique bird feeder by stringing a popcorn garland and hanging it in your backyard so that birds can snack on the popcorn. If you choose to string a popcorn garland for the holidays, with proper storage it can last for years.

This simple project can be completed with just a few supplies and in just a few steps.

First, gather your materials:

  • strong needle
  • string (fishing line, dental floss and silk quilting thread are durable choices rather than regular thread)
  • thimble
  • cool, unbuttered, unsalted, slightly stale popcorn (make a separate bowl for snacking!)

Next, thread your needle.

  1. If you are using a spool, just thread the needle and leave the other end of the thread on the spool so that the thread will not become tangled as you string your popcorn garland.
  2. To string the popcorn, push the needle through the center of the piece of popcorn. Take care since the popcorn kernel can be hard-- you don't want to poke yourself! Slide the popcorn down the thread. Keep stringing popcorn until your garland is about two to three feet long. You can continue to make it longer, but making several two- to three-foot-long garlands and tying them together is much easier than making one long garland.
  3. When your popcorn garland has reached the desired length, tie off the end with the needle into a large knot so that the popcorn won't slip off. Then give yourself some extra space at the other end of the garland (which is still on the spool). Cut the string with extra length and tie it off as well. Remember to leave extra thread to tie the garlands together.
  4. If you are using the garland on a tree, put the garland on before any ornaments, since they might snag the garland if you put them on first. If you decide to store your garland, keep it in a dry container that will not be crushed.

Finally, if you have pets... decorating with a popcorn garland is probably not a good idea. The pets may destroy the garland (and more) in an effort to grab a tasty snack.


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