How To Succeed at Learning Guitar

So you think you have an ear for music and always wanted to learn to play the guitar? There are many ways in which one can succeed at learning guitar, and age is not a factor; if you have the willpower and patience, you can definitely learn to play the guitar like a pro! Here are some helpful tips on how to succeed at learning to play the guitar.

Getting started
There are many options to choose from when you decide on learning to play guitar. Primarily, you can choose to learn with an instructor or if you have a basic foundation in music, you can take up a DIY course. Some learning options to get started are listed here…

  • Join a guitar-learning class at the local Y or community college.
  • Sign-up with a private tutor for one-on-one learning; you can post your requirements at the local community college, the YMCA or look through the classifieds in your local paper to find guitar teachers.
  • Look for free guitar lessons online; there are plenty of resources and websites where you can get step-by-step instructions for free.
  • Purchase a guitar-learning course which is interactive in nature; such courses are available online as well as in real time, at bookstores, libraries, etc.

Tips for learning success

  1. Begin with the basics, even if you’ve strummed a guitar in the past (in school, perhaps). This includes learning how to hold the guitar correctly and the correct placement for your fingers.
  2. Learn about basic guitar chords and the frets where your fingers need to be placed to get a particular sound.
  3. Once you are familiar with basic chords move on to learning scales, which are basically a combination of two or more chords.
  4. The first few times you play the guitar, you’ll find your fingertips sore and tender. At this point, most people would give up or take a break, which is the wrong thing to do! Instead, continue with your daily learning sessions and over time, the pain goes away as your fingertips harden and become callused due to constant playing.
  5. Practice constantly, since this will not only improve your playing, but also keep your fingers supple for when you’re ready to move on to playing complex notes or even full songs.

Above all, have fun while you are learning to play the guitar! Fooling around with chords in different sequences and combinations, or even learning simple songs to play, will keep you interested and coming back for more!


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