How To Succeed in Music Class

Musical geniuses are not born, they are made. Just because one has perfect pitch one should not assume that everything will fall right into place. Succeeding in any chosen endeavor such as music will entail more than just mere talent on your part. Read on to find out about how to make it and succeed in music class.

1. Make it a habit to listen to a lot of diverse music pieces.

If you profess to love music dearly, then listening to various pieces should not be a big problem for you. This means that pieces that you would not normally listen to are accommodated as well. Listening to different musical genres is especially important, as it not only helps you train your ear, but in a way gives you the working knowledge of how a specific type of music is played. You would not be able to play Jazz tunes on your guitar just because you already know its scales if you have not listened to the Jazz greats in the first place.

2. Practice often.

Practicing is crucial to succeed in music class. Whether it is scales, chords, phrasing and rhythm or any other aspect of musical performance, this knowledge remains useless unless drilled into your hands or vocal chords on a daily basis. You can think of learning music as something similar to learning a new language. If you don't attempt to 'speak' it frequently, you'll have a hard time absorbing it. Just as with a foreign language, your first attempts will be crude and barely comprehensible, but in time with frequent practice, you will become fluent.

3. Spend at least an hour a day to practice your choice of musical instrument.

Along with musical knowledge, practical performance skills are just as important. They both complement and enhance each other. And just as with musical knowledge, handling musical instruments is honed by practice. Make it a point to spend at least an hour each day playing your selected musical instrument.

4. Challenge yourself a little every day by learning more difficult pieces.

Again, the key to succeeding in music is perseverance and discipline. Once you have mastered one musical piece, then it is high time you set your goals higher by learning more advanced exercises. It would be best if you consult your music teacher, as he can give you useful suggestions on the subject.

Sure, musical geniuses do exist. But they did not get to create beautiful music based on sheer talent alone. Musical flair coupled with persistence and self discipline will be your best bet if you really want to succeed in music class. Musicians are not aesthetes; they are craftsmen and work just as much with their hands as any other laborer. Real musicians who have achieved much always have the calluses to show for their hard work.


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