How To Suck an Egg into a Bottle

We all know Bill Nye, the science guy. I would see him on TV when I was a kid and be genuinely amazed wit the things he does. He is like MacGyver in a lab coat. He is a nerdy version of our favorite character on TV, but he is no less cool than MacGyver.

It would be fun to conduct a few experiments but we sometimes fear the destruction of our home. Thankfully, you can recreate the same experiments of Bill Nye without setting your house afire. It is crazy that you can do cool stuff with daily household items!

We will give you the steps you can follow so that you know how to suck an egg into a bottle. You can use it to impress a woman when you do it or at least win you children’s affection. Suck an egg into a bottle and impress, just like that.

  1. Get a bottle. The bottle is the showcase of this trick. Make sure it is a glass bottle and not one of those plastic bottles. Also, get a bottle whose mouth is just big enough for the egg to go half way through and not all the way through. A bottle of apple cider should work well for this experiment.
  2. Get an egg. The egg is the second part of the trick. Test the egg and make sure that it is big enough to stay on top of the bottle mouth. Boil the egg until it becomes hard-boiled. Peel of the shell completely once the egg is cooked. Set aside.
  3. Get a bottle and light a match. Get your bottle on top of a table. Then, light a match and put into the bottle. The heat from the match will expand the air in the bottle and increase the air pressure inside. As the match continues to burn inside the bottle, proceed to the next step.
  4. Place the egg on the mouth. When you place the egg in the mouth it creates an airtight seal. The airtight seal will pressurize the bottle. This also prevents oxygen from getting to the fire on the match. The exhaustion of air will cause the match to die off and the air inside will quickly cool off.
  5. Watch as the egg suck into a bottle. When you first put the match in the bottle it expanded the air inside the bottle. When you placed the egg in the mouth of the bottle the match dies and the air cools off, therefore creating a vacuum. The vacuum then sucks the egg into a bottle.

Congratulations!  You have successfully sucked an egg into a bottle.  Look up other simple experiments so that you can have fun and learn about science in the process. It is always a good thing to learn no matter what people say about the nerd factor.


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