How To Take Art Classes

Art is a cathartic way to release your inner self and stretch your creative muscles. However, not all art classes are created equal and you might have to stumble a bit before finding your niche.  You can startby looking at online arts classes - many of these are now offered by accredited online universities, and you can even get your degree through these schools.

A person's first experience with art class may stem back to childhood, with bad memories of frustration and uncaring teachers. Don't let your early experience taint your world today, as art can be a great stress reliever, and for some, an avenue for extra income.

The basic requirement of any art class is the ability for manual dexterity, whether you opt for sketching, painting or sculpting. Try a low-cost introduction class to various art disciplines and techniques to find the right arena for you. Just because you can't draw two sticks doesn't mean you don't have a capacity for 3D visualization and could not excel in sculpting.

For those who choose to paint, you will need to hone your drawing skills - if not with the fine lines and detail, at least the broad outline. Take heart: not being able to articulate with a pencil or charcoal does not mean that you cannot paint or have a sense of colors and shading with a brush.

If you are not sure about taking up painting, try the acrylic paints instead of the oils as they are much easier to work with and clean up. Acrylics offer a full range of color with mixing, but are water-based for maximum control of the strokes. In addition, the acrylics dry within minutes, sometimes right under the area where you are working. If you make a mistake, you can just paint over it, as the under coat will become bone dry and not affect the wet top coat coloring.

If you wish to make your art classes useful, you may opt for a craft lesson on how to make a tiled table or counter surface. There is no end to what you can make with tiles, from broken fragments turned into abstract art to mini tiles laid in mosaic fashion. Cover your backyard picnic table, bathroom counters or make a beautiful fire pit.

The key to gaining experience in your art form is to stay with it, no matter what the first project looks like. Rome wasn't built in a day, and neither was your artistic talent. Trial and error is very important for growth and will serve you well in the long run. The tipoff that you may be ill-suited for your first art class and may need to change to another venue is that you have no enthusiasm. That cannot be bought or learned, so go to where your heart is and give it your best shot.  If you're not having luck in the local community colleges, you may want to consider an online arts class, where you can meet people from all over the country.


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