How To Take Pictures of a Kangaroo

Going on a photographic safari is a dream for many wildlife photographers all over the world. The challenging yet rewarding nature of such an adventure draws interest among many photography professionals and enthusiasts as well as wannabes. One very interesting animal to take a picture of is the largest species from the Macropodidae family – the Kangaroo.

Kangaroos are marsupials (meaning mammals with a pouch, originating from the word marsupium, which means ‘pouch’) that have a total of 63 living species around the world, mostly in Australia and New Guinea. Known for their timidity, especially towards humans, these marsupials are great subjects for photography. So how do we get a picture perfect look at these giant hoppers?

  1. Contrary to belief, outdoor photography entails a gamut of detail to get the best possible pictures. A photographer must consider the amount of dust in the area, as it may have a tendency to get into the camera lens. More dangerously, sand may cause scratches to your camera lens so take extra precaution in sandy locations.
  2. While it is true that having a top-of-the-line camera like the digital single lens reflex type (dSLR) guarantees glorious results, many starters may use decently functional cameras for outdoor use. All you need on your equipment is a manual focus capability, adjustable shutter speeds and ease of use. Taking kangaroo pictures requires keeping a close distance with the mammal, so it is best to be alert. So far, there has only been one documented report of a human death caused by a kangaroo attack, in 1936. One must be aware that a kangaroo’s strength lies in its hind legs and sharp toenails that may deliver a fatal blow. Learning to be one with the mammal during a photo session, not creating any harsh movements and a bit of sheer luck may just save you a limb and earn you a photography award.
  3. Shooting at eye level with a kangaroo is an easy yet very effective style to add a dash of drama to your photo. It is a known photographer’s trick and has worked for thousands of other masterpieces.
  4. Capture moments with action. Depending on the kangaroo’s mood, it may show a playful behavior especially while grouped with other kangaroos. According to scientists, kangaroos tend to be lively around other males to attract their female counterpart.
  5. And since you don’t want to miss very critical moments while taking a kangaroo’s photos, it is highly suggested that you take a lot of pictures. Pros are use this technique to capture the best moment.

Taking pictures in the wild is almost synonymous with a messy outdoor activity. This means you have to be prepared to make a close connection with nature. Whether you’re a pro or just an enthusiast, taking photos of this species should be taken as a privilege to see nature’s beauties. And as such, please remember that kangaroos are a life form that deserve proper treatment and respect.


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