How To Tie a Lasso

Have you ever wished you were a cowboy and could do all these neat tricks with a piece of rope? Did you know one of those neat tricks is actually tying up rope to turn it into a lasso? You do not have to be a cowboy to tie a lasso. All you need to know is how to make a honda or honda knot on your rope. (No, you do not have to be Japanese either.) Your honda will be what makes your lariat or lasso. Impress your friends with this new bit of knowledge and if they decide it isn't worth knowing, you can use your new lasso to tie them up and make them see reason. Here is how to tie a lasso and be your very own cowboy:

  1. Rope. You will need to have a strong piece of rope of at least 20 feet. Make sure it is strong and sturdy.
  2. Overhand knot. Take one end of the rope. You are going to tie an overhand knot. Make sure that after tying the knot, you still have enough excess rope left over at the end. To make this first knot make a large loop with the end of the rope, pass the end of the rope under and back through the loop. Make the knot tighter, but leave a small amount of space.
  3. Push down. Push down the rope on the part just under the top of the loop. It is that bit of rope just before you get to the end. Push it down so that you make another small opening. Take the end of the rope and put it in through the new hole.
  4. Pulling and pushing. Pull on the rope in two directions. Pull down on the rest of the rope while pulling up on the new loop you have just made. You will have to push up on the bottom of the knot as you pull on the two ends. Doing this will be a bit tricky, but if you do it correctly, you will have your honda knot.
  5. Leveling the base. The bottom of your knot needs to be horizontal and flat. You will need to pull on the knot to make it tighter. If you are using a lariat-type of rope, which is thicker and harder than regular rope, you will really need to exert force to level it. Remember to leave a knot on the tail to allow it to withstand large amounts of pressure.
  6. Finishing your lasso. Now, take the opposite end of your rope and put it through the loop created by the honda. Make your lasso's loop as big or small as you need it to be, it can be easily adjusted whenever you need to.

Take your new lasso out and start roping in some cattle. All you need to tie your own lasso is a little patience, skill and a tough piece of rope.


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