How To Tie Knots in Leather Necklaces

When crafting handmade necklaces, one may recall the days when colorful string and gaudy plastic beads were all the rage. These days, classier examples of handmade jewelry exist and are quite easy to construct. With a bit of practice and patience anyone can create works of art that are both beautiful and functional.

When planning to create leather necklaces, one must first decide on the width of the leather cord. While there are plenty of sizes, 1.5mm cord can be a great starting point to find your knack. This thinner cord allows for plenty of bead choices and can be quite well suited for knotting techniques. You can also chose to start with 2mm cord as this is also well suited for necklaces, but offers a bit more thickness to show knots more clearly.

You may want to also consider the color of the cord for your craft. There are many colors available from black to many shades of brown, deep reds and blues and greens. When deciding on the color cord, one must first choose their color scheme to enhance the overall beauty of the necklace.

When choosing beads, you will find there are many choices available to you. There are glass beads of many colors and shapes, from red hearts to green shamrocks and everything in between. There are also plastic and ceramic beads with designs and cute shapes to help enhance the look of any hand crafted jewelry.

Once you have the beads and cord chosen you can begin constructing the necklace. A great way to start is by establishing a strong overhand knot at one end of the cord to place your first bead. Once the first knot is in place, slide your first bead on the necklace. Now that your first bead is in place, you have a couple choices. If you wish, you may then make another overhand knot to secure the bead in place. However, if you wish to make a few knots together to create more space between beads, you may do this as well. The number of knots between the beads creates separation and helps to avoid a cluttered appearance, helping the eye to focus on the most important details of the necklace.

Once you have placed all the beads and knots desired throughout the necklace, you will want to fashion an end that will help close and secure the necklace. A great way to do this is to fashion a loop end opposite of the initial knot created. You would want to leave some length of the leather cord available for the loop to be wide enough for the knot to secure once the overhand knot is made in the loop.

Handcrafted leather necklaces are a great gift idea.


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