How To Tips on Writing a Press Release

A press release or media release is written in order to announce or inform an audience about a person, an event, a company or a product, or anything that may provide value to a consumer group. Part of the cycle of the press release would be its distribution, to ensure that a wide audience would access it. Press release distributions are usually directed towards newspaper and magazine editors and TV and radio networks.

To effectively write a press release, the first guideline you should remember would be to maintain a balance between creativity in order to capture the attention of the reader, and professionalism in order to let the reader know that the release is factual and not just flowery propaganda. The practical application here is to make sure the opening sentences are attention grabbing and unique, but making sure to avoid clichés and overstatements. Another way to apply this would be to maintain factual information but presenting it in an original manner. Another word about the information: make sure that you don’t leave out any important detail – specifically, the who, what, when, where and how of the subject. It does no good to write a beautifully worded media release that would leave out important details.

Included in the tips that you would need to remember would be to keep your press release short. It’s important that you go with the typical reader’s attention span; your strategy should look like this: open strong, provide details but making sure to present it in a way as to maintain the reader’s interest, and then closing promptly with a teaser (or with something that could have the reader looking for more) or by making references back to the opening.

Remember that a press release is not the same as advertising. Instead of using hyperbolic terms such as “the best”, “the leader”, etc, it’s best to use quantifying and qualifying statements such as “two-time grand prizewinner of the Best Consumer Review Award”. However, make sure that you avoid jargon, which limits your news release’s appeal to the general audience.

Another tip is to make sure that you are writing your news release with the reader in mind. Remember, anything or anybody could be presented in a variety of perspectives: choose one characteristic that you judge would appeal the most to the readers, and then capitalize on that. The key here is to remember that your readers should see the relevance of the press release to their lives, and they should immediately see the reason why they should keep on reading.

It’s important to know the different elements included: apart from the actual press release, include the words, “For Immediate Release” in bold letters, the contact information of the company spokesperson, and the date and the place where the release was issued from.

If you want to see some press samples online, do check out Press Release Writing website at, along with free templates that would definitely help you in structuring your own content. Other sites that provide useful samples and templates include, that also have press distribution services for a fee, or you could have someone write a press release for you; check out for these services. Another website that you would likely find helpful is Business Wire at

Good luck, and have a happy time writing!


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