How To Transfer a Sketch to a Wall Mural

A mural is the painting of any piece of artwork directly printed on a wall or any large permanent surface (including ceilings). It can be a rewarding experience for both artist and viewer to see a masterpiece on the wall. There are different methods for transferring artworks or any sketches from the page to the wall. You can follow these guides to help you get an idea of how to transfer your sketches into a wall mural.

Method 1

  • Take out or create a sketch or an artwork that will be transferred to the wall mural. There are designs that might now work well with the mural. Try to figure out which will suit the medium you are going to paint on. For best mural effects, try landscapes with a vanishing effect to a certain point.
  • Then, print or transfer the design onto a plastic projection sheet. Choose a good quality acetate for this projection sheet. You can usually have this done in copy or printing stores. Make sure that the copy store has projection sheets in stock. Make sure that they have enough of what you might need.
  • Place the acetate sheet on your overhead projector, and switch it on. While doing so, you can then manipulate the projector's zoom and focus until you get  the image correctly..
  • After adjusting your projector, you can then turn of the lights to increase the visibility of the projected image. You can then start tracing over the design with a pencil. You can repeat the earlier steps to trace the other parts of the wall.
  • After completing the tracing, you can then start painting your mural.

Method 2

  • Another way is to make a grid on your sketch using a pencil and ruler. Try making the grid as accurate as possible as to set a measurement for your sketch to the wall. You can use this method perfectly with complicated sketches with lots of lines that needs to be accurate.
  • Then after finishing the grid, you can then make a grid similar to the sketch on the wall mural. Then use a ratio that could enlarge or simulate the equivalent of your sketch to the wall, an example would be 1 square inch from the sketch is equal to 1 square foot to the wall. This is to provide a proper guideline for you on what that square grid contains from the sketch to the mural.
  • You can then start sketching on the mural by following the contents of each grid. You can use freehand sketch on the wall which is the method preferred by most artists. It may not be that accurate when it comes to lines but it is the most quick and creative method to transfer the sketch to a wall mural.

Transferring images from paper to a wall can be a challenging, but exciting task. It will require some ingenuity, some skill with drawing and painting, and a lot of patience. It will also require a lot of paint-much more than what you will need with drawing or painting on paper or canvas.


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