How To Unlock Your Unique Creativity Code

What if there were some secret code you could crack that would allow you to be as creative as you wanted, some way of finding the creative routines and techniques that worked better for you than any others? How valuable would that be to you?

Well, there is a code, your own unique creativity code. It needn’t be such a mystery if you follow these 5 steps to finding it:

  1. Recall your greatest creative moments. Think back to a time when you were very creative--a time when creating came easily and it was second nature, it came without analysis and struggle. We’ve all experienced these times, and would like to return to them. The first step is to relive them in as much detail as possible.
  2. Identify the most important elements. Now that you’ve recalled some of your creative highs, it’s time to become a detective. Find the key elements that allowed you to be this creative. Get back into the memory--what was your environment like, what were you seeing around you, what were you hearing in your thoughts, how were you feeling? What systems or routines were you using that allowed such creativity?
  3. Create one small project at a time. Once you have your best estimation of the elements necessary for you to be most creative, pick a small project to start on, something you’re excited and passionate about. Reproduce as many of those key elements as you can, then commit to a creative session for a minimum period each day.
  4. Find what’s working and what’s not working. Once you’ve been creating for a week or two, have an honest review of where you’re at. Some things will be working well, others not so well. Highlight one thing that’s working well, and do more of that. Identify one thing that’s not working so well, and change or eliminate that. Then create each day for another week at least.
  5. Adjust, then repeat. You then have in place a system for finding your unique creativity code that will allow you to be consistently creative. Continue to identify what’s working and do more of those things, and what’s not working and do fewer of those things. Stick to one change at a time though, then create for another week or so. Too many changes at once and you’ll not be able to identify which change is having the biggest effect.

Use these steps to unlock your own unique creativity code, the method for creating that’s right for you, and will allow you to be your most naturally creative.

Remember, only change one factor at a time before you try it out again for a week or more. The more you do this, the closer you’ll be to creating at your peak.

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