How To Use a Book Binder

A book binder is a handy tool to use if you want to collate pages and bind them to form a book. This is a great idea as collated pages are easier to organize than loose pages. And the good news it, they’re quite easy to use! Here are the ways to use a book binder:

Know the book binder’s page capacity. Know that you should never put in paper that is beyond the capacity of the book binder. Apart from this would result in a sloppy book binding job, this might also result in paper jamming or your book binder getting broken easily.

Prepare the papers to be bound. Remember, it’s very important that you check if the pages are all in proper order and that they are aligned perfectly. Once you’ve begun the binding process it’s very hard – if not impossible – to correct any mistakes with regards to the order of the papers or their alignment.

Insert the papers into the binding machine. There’s a slot in the binding machine where you will place the papers so that evenly-spaced holes can be punched in. You’d have to exert force when doing this, so that all the paper, from first to last, will have holes properly inserted.

Prepare the binding mechanism. There are many types of binding mechanism that you could use to bind your pages together. Some of these include a coil wire binding and double wire binding. The specifics of how you would now bind the pages together will depend mostly on the type of binding machine that you are using and the bind that you will use on the pages.

If you have a comb binding, you should pull on the book binder’s handle so that you could see the teeth of the book binding machine. Align the spaces of the comb binding into the teeth of the machine.

If you have a double wire bind, use the machine’s wire holder and insert the wire bind that you will use. Make sure that you properly align the spaces of the wire into the teeth of the machine.

Bind the pages together. At the start, you’d have to manually arrange the holes of the paper into the spines or teeth of the bind: in short, one perforation in the page should be inserted to one teeth of the wire or comb bind. Then, pull down the lever of the binding machine; what will happen now is that the bind will be locked in on itself and around the pages of the book that you are creating.

There you have it! These are the steps for effectively using a book binder. For maximum results, do take the time to read through your machine’s manual not just so you could know of the specific instructions of your particular machine’s make and model but so you could also find out the other features that your machine could offer, as well as the safety precautions for using the machine. Good luck, and hope this helped you out!


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